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  • Thanks for the info. Wish I picked up Box back then.

    I want to get back into live battery abuse, but I'm a bit hesitant about removing the battery without any soldering equipment. When you replaced the battery, did you resolder anything or did you tape everything back?
    I ll probably be able to trade sometime tomorrow. I ll VM you. I can trade in 4th gen
    Your Cresselia is ready. Modest Hex Flalwess Uncapped caught in Quick Ball. Any 4th gen move tutors you want on it?
    OK i ll let you know. If you can use pkm files i might be able to hook you up sooner.
    Well if you think i am asking too much just say so. It's no problem if you want to ask someone else. And the reason i am saying wednesday it's because i will not have access to wifi up until then.
    OK i ll probably have it finished until Wednesday. Do you want redis rights too?
    How about all three i have asked? I am not sure about the deadline. Can i let you know?
    I have a hex flawless Timid/Modest spread saved in distortion world. That's why i am asking if the 31 att bothers you
    Yes, But I was told that i1338 was hacking on purpose but Alexshiny wasn't hacking, was he?

    Here's what he said to me on pm:

    "I was framed even if I have no one hack in my trade.
    They banned me cuz they found an old legal hack of mine in a trade of another user...."
    Well, how do you two know for sure? I would really appreciate it if you give me a specific explanation.

    I looked through Drakero, conversation with dark ray and he said it was a misunderstanding and he said that all of his pokemon are legit except for the chansey. He said they fixed the problem before he got blacklisted.

    What if this was the same mistake and misunderstanding that almost got me blacklisted when I didn't realized the Bond's Torchic appeared as a hacked pokemon before I traded it. After that happened, Expert Evan and Omegadonut gave me another chance and spared me when they realized that I had nothing to do with it and I made a refund with the others.
    Hozu, I would like to talk to you for a moment if you don't mind. Could you tell me exactly what happened and I mean what really happened before alex got blacklisted. Did he trade the hacked chansey on purpose or was it an accident?

    Did he knew anything about it being hacked or not?

    If the answer is either yes or no, then what exactly made you and Dark Ray think and assumed that he did knew about it?
    Hello Hozu, I have a question, when i upload a pokemon to pokecheck and check legalty summary in the date appear. Met date is in the future, the date of my pokemon is on september/4/2012 when I palparked, if the real-time moving days until reaching september/4/2012, in the summary of pokecheck still display Met date is in the future?
    Hey Hozu you said RNG abuse on retail cart for XD is impossible but your pokes that you said you got by soft resetting means you continually reset till you got a decent enough poke and a decent IV then?
    Sup dude, you asked for a Shiny Calm Cresselia in the SQR thread, well if you are willing to abuse an ID/SID combo for me, I will complete the game and capture it for you. All on my DS. Let me know. :)
    Thanks. If I read Tombstoner's post correctly, then to hit the right seed, you only have to load your game on the correct minute, so if you can keep track of your RTC, that part should be no trouble whatsoever. However, you have to remove/reinsert the battery (and wait a few days like you said) in order to hit that seed again every time you miss your target frame, right?
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