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  • the stranges thing i did do that...i still get a totally different id :/ I went through dewey,eleventh(from serebii), and voodo pimp here for help and still no go...not sure whats wrong...
    Thanks for all your help, i just realized that i have to get another Ditto since it is the Dittoe that is supposed to hold the Everstone :s, I will let you know by saturday how it works out, Thanks for everything though !!
    omg yeah the factory is horrible i hated that stupid challenge :/ you get crappy rentals to work with...it sucks...also awww okay i understand though...think its time for bed though need my sleep and when i wake up finish ev training my new calm shiny feebas for myself...also my clan members are happy as well i let them have a clone of it too...also the only thing im having trouble with is using the pandora box...its strange i rng it and i get a totally different id then what im suppose to have when i hit my delay and im doing everything right :/ very strange...i have 9.96 version too...
    hahaha yeah i thought so how's it going :) yeah i posted my first 4th gen breed on discuss my poke thread post...i rnged a calm shiny feebas...i really wanted one but i just was so impatient to rng it on white 2 when i get it LOL...so what you been up to with rnging lately any new things?
    my god i saw your name before too on serebii on the rng thread...if im correct?

    edit: sorry just keep seeing people i know on serebii...
    Okay cools just to be clear I am using Emerald No splits and :

    1.Can I can put Everstone on the Chansey to help nature?

    2.I understand now to just save hatch the Egg and if it is what I want just reset for IVs and if not just release and get him to get a new egg right?

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. :)
    Hey Hozu I know you are the right person to be asking this, The question is based on 3rg Gen retail abuse. I have a Ditto that i caught tonight [my 1st RNG capture on 3rd Gen :)]

    The IVs are 31/5/31/17/30/30- Hardy

    I have a Chansey[Calm nature] that I transferred from my LG with IVs 29/27/19/17/18/22

    So Tell me if I am going correct please, I did open the MAIN RNG reported screen and found a A/16/A/A/31/31.

    So that means I deposit the Ditto with the Daycare lady first then the Chansey which will result via RNG in a baby with 31/16/31/17/31/31 stats? But will this baby have a Calm nature and Natural Cure which is what I am looking for ? I am using this guide btw


    But it does not explain how to manipulate the ability and nature on the egg, do I put a Everstone on Chansey and hope for the Natural Cure ability?
    A quick question: do you still do the RTC resetting thing for each of your RNG's with the live battery? I'm considering doing so so that I could at least track my position and use it for various seeds.
    Geez! I gave up on trying Box when I didn't find any Method 1 spreads with a 16-bit seed. Awesome job; did you just change the clock on the GC/Wii?
    TBH I've been off of Pokémon for a while (well, Wi-Fi wise anyway.) Anything big I've missed? I did see that Reporter got a live battery search and I'm currently trying to figure out a way to verify for sure where my RTC is.
    Could this be applied in FR/LG? It would be interesting for a flawless Naive Mewtwo. Also have you tried abusing states on XD to RNG abuse?
    Emulator. The only retail card abuse i did up until now was 4th gen. I know you don't really approve emu users. For Groudon and Kyogre though i always got Method 1. Yep it didn't support from what i remember.
    I think i have found some method 4 wild pokemon on emerald before cause i couldn't find the frame using the old pokerng. I always wondered how 7014gree caugh his wild FR/LG pokemon cause they were method h-4 and i always encountered method 1 wild pokemon. Also how did you use Pokemon box to abuse on ruby? Does this mean you can abuse the gift eggs aswell? Also i tried abusing regis in Saphire but i always got method 4 frames
    Yes I'm aware of this. I'm going to be reserving a few more posts just in case.
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