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  • That's a clever idea! How do you remove and reinsert the battery so easily?

    Also, I thought you couldn't RNG your ID/SID on live battery R/S carts... is that not the case, or did you just get extremely lucky with that amazing spread being one of your shiny spreads?
    Ah. I didn't know live battery abuse had been fully cracked. All I've seen is this post by Tombstoner. Is the procedure in that post basically what you did? Since he says finding spreads is a problem, how did you do it?
    Hello! Just want to ask if you're willing to clone my Pokemon? Thanks!
    How did you get your shiny 31/28/31/31/31/31 Latias? I know it must be from Southern Island, but what frame is that?
    Oh, sorry. I should probably put all those links back in my sig :p

    Here you go. But I thought you already knew how to do Entralink abuse.
    Has anyone tested it? I still have to finish breeding this shiny Chansey before I can try it out.
    Oh wow, that's really amazing! It sucks that it doesn't work for Egg PIDs but it's awesome for stationaries and wild Pokemon. And you could use it to catch a near flawless Ditto. Did you test this on your retail cart yet?

    And yeah, I remember that Latias.
    Yeah but I need to fix my threads, think of what to change my username to, and get rid of my usertitle. IRC is to distracting.

    Developments in what? o.o
    Myself, and three friends, all started collecting them a while back. In 2005 a friend moved to Japan, and was able to go to some events, so we've all been able to build up a large collection, and last year we all just decided to RNG abuse them. I don't have that many really, I'm missing loads of obvious common ones, including Suicune and Entei. Additionally, Pikachu was recieved in a trade. Hence Non-Redis rights.
    lol i figured it out! i was using the wrong delay in the eon timer the whole time...duh...dewey looked at my pictures that i finally got photoshop back up again...
    Thanks for all your help with 3rd Gen RNG. I was able to get Chansey, Dusclops and Clefable with 3rd Gen moves :) Thanks so much you were a lot of help and by the way splits are still annoying :P Will be using your guide soon on Egg Pid manipulation to see if I can get at least a shiny Chansey :)
    Hey hozu I keep getting an alternate spread for duskull I am breeding(GEN 3), i tried saving again and it did not help, I discarded the egg and tried another but yet the same, any suggestions?
    Thanks alot well that means the one I got is legit, thanks again and thanks for all the 3rd gen help
    Oh by the way I got the Chansey today :) IVs: 30/16/31/31/31/31 Bold nature just need battle points to buy Seismic Toss.
    Hey Hozu I traded a guy my Regice for a Extremespeed Pokebox Event Zigzagoon but the PID says suspicious and the Move is highlighted RED, is this normal as the guy says that this is how 3rg Gen event pokes are.
    Now I understand. I keep saving infront of him till I get an Adamant egg, then I just soft reset, until I get decent IVs, hence I'm promised Adamant? =)
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