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  • Hey Hozu sorry I was not able to make it on last night, let me know if you can trade now or later thank you :)
    I have to head out for a little while. I'll trade when I get back. Will most likely be in about... 8 ish hours.
    Thanks for that now I am sad lol I would have attempted 3rd Gen RNG for myself after learning 5th, 4th and Entralink but I only have Leafgreen and Pokemon XD I do not own Emerald so I cannot get my own Seismic Toss Chansey nor Dusclops :( But thanks for the info my friend!!
    Hozu sorry about that I hate hacks, I just thought that traders would remove hacked stuff on their threads that's why I asked about the Chansey >.<
    Ahh theanks that's actually pretty useful but more useful if applied to reatail. I ll have it in mind. I don't RNG anymore only if i need something for battle. Thanks for the info though. Have tried abusing high spreads in emerald using that method?
    Chansey was only on Pokècheck, I put the public rather than private, Chansey has not been traded,all other Pokèmon are legit
    I do not know
    Tay,Meganium and Fer are an Alexshiny Pokè
    Ram Hack Method
    This Pokèmon in my trade have blue OT=Not for trade
    I triying uderstand how work the rng on FR/LF, But i don't udertad the part where i need find a initial seed. I press the button to fast and some times hit the same spread. How i can find the initial seed for my desire spread?
    Thanks. Just saw some in some trade thread and thought it was strange cause i thought they were banned. Anyway thanks for the quick answer.
    Hey man what's up? It's been a while since i was active. Did it became possible to obtain Colo starters without using ram hack and shiny aswell with just using emulator?
    Thanks to you I was actually able to get a Quiet Porygon myself! It has 2 speed, but I doubt it'll matter unless it's facing another Porygon2. Best of all is that I got it in a Dream Ball, which was what I wanted.
    I'm very very sorry to have left you waiting. The power went out in the whole city so I was left powerless to do anything until it came back.

    If it's one Character too long, then BrainiacIV (no spaces) will do. I'll hop on to #smogonwifi.
    Alright, please name it Brainiac IV. Let me know when you're available to trade.
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