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  • hey Hozu really i need of your help, I triying hit my right frame with a enabled clock, I search in time finder and i hit frame 250848 and my target frame is 238791 its a lot of diference, and i compare the pid from enciclopedia pokemon and from rng time finders and they are different only match the ivs, pls let me know is wrong
    Hi Hozu pls you can give me some tips to search my target spread on the 3 rd gen Time Finders, because I canot find my spread, I search in some Dates, and frames but still nothing.
    How i can search my target spread on 3gen time finders more easy, i triying change the year, day, frames to 95000 hours 1 to 23, but i only shows other shiny spread with some ivs of 30 and 31, but never my target
    in the function Frame skip of emulator what i need put? because my frames ever are 2 frames lower to my target
    sorry for bother you, but in my other pc, rsedecode don't wok i check the sid and ivs of the monster with another program or method?
    I chanege my pragrams to another pc, now time finder works but i canot find my target spread, I need put some seed or something?
    I going to download all on my other computer, pls i need a link of Pokemon Ruby, I find some downloads but i don't know what i need dowload because have a Ruby (U) sav.
    Ruby .0. Sav. Ruby (US) Rar, and Ruby Zip
    yeah I check this option on the emu, but still don't work cause of my pc clock are dead, I canot update the time on my pc
    I put some information on boxes year, hours frames, ivs id/sid and do in generate but nothing happened
    when i enabled the RTC in the screen febore to continue says the save file is corrupt. Previous save file will be loaded. is normal on a emulator?
    pokemon (NA) version its the same that Emerald (U)? because the lua script fixed by bond don't show the seeds in the box. I run Pokemon emerald (U). and with Lua script Emerald suite shows all seeds.
    I understand the point of compare seeds in hex and search the seed in hex compatible with my ID to generate a shiny spread, I save after the picture where i made my OT, after i run the game a little for see all seeds, i copy and paste from lua all seeds in a text to search one per one what are compatible, I can search more faster the seed that i need? because one per one is a lot of time
    I run my game with Real time clock but a mssg appears. the save file is corrupt. Previous save file will be loaded. with this the RTC don't work?
    is really necesary turn on the real clock on a emulator to abuse of legendarys? some people tell me that i need soft reseting in front of groudon, but with lua script i can see in what frame exactly Iam, also for flawless spreads I need hit very high frames and if i make a soft reset i can lost all my frames right?
    I rnging my starter successfully on ruby I uderstand more now, lua script help a lot, thanks so much Hozu
    okay, In your guide, in this part: First you need to find a spread. Use RNG reporter to find your spread. Stationary/gift pokémon are Method 1, I search for a brave nature 31/31/31/6/31/0 ability 0, on the main window of the rng reporter, I put in seed hex 5a0 "First I dont know if this is the seed what i need put to search my target spread"
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