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  • I find a spread brave in a rng reporter 9.96 I put the seed 5A0 in the seed (hex) box and starting frame 713278301. 31/31/31/6/31/0 ability 0 but the frame is 713278361 to High, I can find the same spread in other more slow fram, so is the way you said in your guide to find a spread or am I wrong?
    You see how at the bottom of the first tab under the egg checkbox there's a greyed-out box for shiny? And in that picture it has a checkmark. So the spread is shiny if you entered everything correctly.
    I find and enter my pid in the box after i need do to know if the id/sid generate a shiny spread?
    I actually canot find where i need put the pid on pokegen, the pid is displayed automatically when i enter my id / sid and ivs.
    I put My ID/SID on pokegen after i search for a pid by ivs on pokegen and appear the following: some none shiny natures and my target brave nature shiny yes, and my target pid but in decimals its correct?
    In Ruby I search for brave nature 31/31/31/6/31/00 I find in 3 gen Pandoras Box for a ID/SID and frame, I hit this frame and id/sid on the game, how i can be sure that this id/sid generate this shiny spread.
    for this type of abuse on SID that script exactly I need? it the same that u said earlier or need paste another script in lua?
    For emu, emerald I want a specif shiny spread likes a timid 31/31/31/31/31/31 pid 7942ef72, frame 176, 562, 488.It's posible be abused by certain id / sid for this spread, if so let me know how to do?
    I found this spread I save it or trash? I almost reach 10 softresets and still no find a really good spread =S
    (ADAMANT, ability 0) 31/31/30/5/31/29
    the process on time finder its to very slow, this is the only way?
    also I use 4th generation time finders in year i put 2010, on frames i put 99999 I dont know what i need put here, and delay 0 to 1, method 1, nature any, Ivs etc.
    I can use 4th gen pokerngs? also shows me there spreads to the method 1 more faster
    Im confused on how to use BitXor calculator, after knowing my ID/SID via Rsedecode i need know if this id/sid generate a good shiny spread, but I dont know what i need imput on Xor calculator or how to use it =S
    ewwww that sucks man, but thanks I won't lose my time anymore now xD. Imposter ditto here I come >:D
    Edit: Found it! :D
    Hey hozu I got a question about hidden hollows. I know that whenever you take 256 steps there's a chance for either a pokemon or an item to respawn in the hollow, but in order to control the respawn (thus when counting the steps) of a certain area all the other hollows should have something on them before attempting to soft reset, or all I need is that particular area to be cleared before making the 255 steps and save?
    its posible that i can rnging for a id/sid or any shiny poke on my retail cart emerald english version?
    the script show up a list of ivs stats, nature , pid/IVs frame and seed, but this does not match with the starting pokemon that i choose, at the start of the game. also how I can know my ID/SID combo?
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