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  • I found this in the second page of the thread, this is the correct for emerald (USA) Version right?
    Re: Gen 3 Lua Scripts
    Bond697 made this fix a while ago for the Emerald script but it wasn't posted here so... This uses the game's RNG advancement counter rather than the video frame for Emerald (NA version) for consistency.
    I'm not sure if this is the lua you mentioned. I copy and paste the script on the first post
    but now im not sure if this is the correct.
    Re: Gen 3 Lua Scripts
    I believe this works on Emerald (J):
    The seed memory location is correct for sure but I'm not 100% sure on the enemy pokemon location. It seems to have worked so far though.

    Edit: Too lazy to upload the file atm. Copy and paste it into a .txt file and change the extension to .lua.
    you said this script on one of your post
    what version of VBA i exactly need, because see more thta one VBA RR.
    You can post me a link pls?
    In what program I need paste the luea scripts? I don't know if this can do on Word or windows Notebook to save it at scriptdeesmeralda.lua. also Lua script works for japanese Emerald?
    i have and read that guide long time ago but i'm so closed that i left it :/ , anyway it works i just check a pokemon and it WORKS man i feel so good :p thanks for everything now i'm gonna catch some good shinys and lua scrips are awesome
    what is VBA-RR and how i can use Lua script? you can provide me some guide for Lua script.

    edit: sorry for many questions but I really speak spanish and is hard for me uderstand some things, but I triying to learn as much as possible.
    ok thnkz i don't know how to use lua script :P i just check memory viewer but this make thing easier :p to track things thankz, for example is a way to look for a id / sid combo that generate a 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 Impish Method 1 pokemon ??? if i'm right bit Xor calculator checks the id/sid combo u get for a nice spread i have many saves with different id/sid and i check in rng reporter for a useful spread but it takes a lot of time :/
    My Visual Boy Advance run on my PC to 250% I still can rng on? because in this guide say that i need up to 600%
    hi i get my emerald shiny togepi so thank u so much !!! i like to know if there's something to search id sid combos for fws or near fws spread in emerald
    in a guide for 3gen, in this step say that i need a Shiny Bit Xor calculator
    4) Shiny Bit XoR Calculator MegaUpload Link
    This checks if the ID/SID combination produces near flawless shiny spreads
    In emerald I canot abuse of specific id/sid combo, I need sofreseting just before that. This program is the same of which you said in your link?
    Hey Hozu Thanks alot for that guide you gave me for 4th gen RNG it worked great and I was able to abuse my SID and everything all I would really like now is if you can give me an up to date link to RNG abuse for the Entralink :)
    hi i'm looking your Emerald Shiny Egg guide and i feel a little noob i rng breed in emerald before also breed/catch in 4th and 5th gen , but i want a shiny togepi from emerald and i can't do it ... http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/62/seedu.png/ i did every step in your guide but i don't know what info i have to put in emerald Egg Finder in that screenshot is the data from a created egg but i don't know what's the base calibration value
    Hey Hozu thanks Ill take a read if I have any questions I'll let you kno Thanks again :)
    Hey Hozu Im sorry to bother you but I would really like if you can direct me to a good RNG GEN 4 vid that uses the RNG reporter version 9.95 not really old versions like those that are available, I tried to follow them but I keep getting lost since the new reporter is unlike those in the vids, Is there a link you can give me or something, please one from scratch. I am already good at Gen 5 RNg tho !! :)
    Now he's trollin' you huh? They never learn. :/
    Invictus of Pokécheck, just to avoid confusion. And I like that Live Battery Ruby abuse of an avvy you have there. :P
    Not sure if serious. Anyway, I didn't ask for you to tell people that - I'm asking you to stop saying my stuff is hacked.
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