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  • Sure. Can you use .PKM's? If so, I'll post a download link. If not, I could show you, or perhaps trade it physically.
    Your welcome, I hope you enjoy him :)
    (It takes a lot of effort to breed for more than triple flawless Pokes XD the daycare couple mobbed me and took my money lol)
    i left to make sure, and it is indeed a Razor Fang. I'm back in the wifi room again. :)
    AH yes, I believe it is a fang!! lol the longer pointy one right? XD

    Batman IVs: 31/??/31/??/31/31 atk and special attack unknown. EVs are 244 HP/192 Def/72 Spe
    sure thing :)
    I have the Batman holding a razor claw and a female DW Gligar ready for ya. for that Dragonite + fodder ^_^
    I'm watching for you! It's 15 mins before the time that you requested for our trade. Please vm me when you're online. :3
    I'm ready when you are.
    It's ok...but I can't clone it right now...are you sure you can't find any cloner?
    Okay then, 3pm your time it is. :) This trade has been a long time coming. XD
    ooo... okay so I have to find you online earlier than my 10am. Will do.
    I'll probably be online at between 2-3pm your time, which would be 8-9am my time. (I can't see myself waking up earlier than 8am on a Saturday ^_^)
    wait I forget what the difference between our timezones is... what time is it for you right now? It's 5:16pm here. (I'm gonna look at your post's time stamp hehe)

    I'll do my best to catch you before your 3:30pm (as long as I know when that is, my time...)
    no... I've hardly left work all week. I'm all burnt out x_x and I really wanna do our trade! :o

    There's a bunch of trades that I need to do. It's going to be a weekend full of Pokemon. I will find you online tomorrow for sure!
    Glad to hear. I recently found a new background site with several patterns, but I only started messing with it now, and I was able to mix colors around. :]
    It's because I follow the Golden Rule of the Internet - "Do not take the Internet seriously."
    It started with Ballabrown24/PowertothePika. He started hating me a week or two ago, then he lied about me to his IRC minions, so they hate me only because Ballabrown24 hates me.

    Now other people hate me because they automatically assume I'm a troll - I'm not; I don't insult anyone if they haven't insulted me first.
    I did manage to log in as "Guest" using the typical guest password, and on the connection test it successfully spoke to the access point but then the access point failed to connect to the internet (there's a drawing of all 3, DS -> access point -> internet. It gets an X between access point -> internet)... that was progress, but a fail nonetheless. :(
    of course I will, if I find out how to work it... there's a chance that their wifi wont work with my 3DS anyway, thanks to this login + password thing they require. My 3DS only asks me for a security key -- not login and password. I don't think it's possible to combine login and password into one security key........
    haha it has its moments. XD

    If I'm unable to be online at the same time as you until the weekend because of work+our timezones, then I'll make sure to look for you on Saturday around the time that you're normally online asking me if I can trade (when I'm normally at work on weekdays). Does this sound alright? :)
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