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  • Not really I'm afraid.. I prefer to trade with the OT for most pokemon, and I didn't see anything I needed from what you had bred. Sorry.
    (second part of the same message, read post below first)
    As for going on wifi at work, I've never attempted this before but I know people use the wifi here for their iPods and such... so it' isn't always work related access. If I'm going to be here after hours on my time anyway just to make sure that the scenes look good it would be nice to have access to wifi like this. I animate, and I'd much rather spend extra time to make sure the show looks good than rush the scenes to hit the deadlines during work hours with my slow computer.

    I hope this explanation makes sense.
    I lurk around here while files load/save/render, because I'm able to access the internet while these things are happening but my scenes are unable to be worked on during those times. Lurking about on Smogon looks a bit busier than staring at a wall, so I'm sure if their clients came through on a tour they'd prefer me to be looking busy at least. Not that I'm not busy... I work a lot, including after hours without overtime pay, in order to hit the deadlines. It's just that loading/saving/rendering scene files takes a chunk of time to do O_o''... what else am I going to do during that time, other than leave my desk (empty desks don't look great to clients either)?
    not yet anyway... it seems that the wifi in our building asks for a username and password combination, but my 3DS only asks me for a "security key"... so I haven't yet found a way to log into it. The person that I'm asking has been away for most of the afternoon.
    I am at work actually, but I'm currently trying to figure out if I can have wifi access from here or not. I'll let you know if this ends up working out!
    Celebi: 31/30/31/30/31/31 0/3/0/252/0/255
    Superman: 31/23/18/22/12/1 0/116/0/200/0/194
    Zapdos: 9/29/18/21/6/0 0/0/0/0/0/0
    Ninetales: 15/7/30/18/5/19 0/0/0/255/8/247
    Ooo I see.. maybe I should try to look for you online before I go to work in the morning. my 7:30 am is your... 1:30 pm I guess...
    Exactly my point. I clone as fast as physically possible. Do you still need an IV checker? I noticed your trade thread still has some Pokemon that are a mystery in the IV department.
    It is an easy job, but one that takes responsibility. Since you know AR can be finicky, I didn't offer cloning until I had a code was SURE to work. I pride myself in my work (easy as it is), and I like doing a good job. Speed is a huge thing, I know people get nervous when they're separated from their Pokemon, especially on Smogon since they worked so hard on them.
    Yours specifically, or the job in general? Cause both are great. Yours is done, obviously; and the job has gotten me plenty of awesome Pokemon. :3
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