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  • I might be able to give it a shot a little later if you're not busy. I'm about to start supper at the moment. I'm on PMT so it's still fairly early where I'm at. If that doesn't work for you it's OK. You've already been more than generous with me.
    I can just trade you an extra copy of it in 5th gen with Stealth Rock, let me know which move you want replaced
    Right now I run a Quiet Politoed, a Modest Kingdra, a Brave Ferrothorn, a Timid Rotom-W, a Jolly Weavile (my only Fake-out priority attacker), and, of course, Dragonite.

    In the wifi battles I've tested it in, Leftovers has been priceless, but the occassional Dragon-type usually destroys me. Dragonite just doesn't have the speed.
    Nah, not as of right now, though I'll keep that in mind. Again, I'll let you know when I have it Pal Parked. Also, Skarmory, won't need Stealth Rock from 4th gen, only Roost. (Its moveset will be Counter/Whirlwind/Drill Peck/Roost, the only possible replacement would be swapping in Spikes for Whirlwind or Drill Peck)
    Thanks so much for the trade, and even more so for the patience! You're awesome, you really are!

    The trade being done and all, any advice on what item I should go with?
    Okay, you can EV the Reshiram, Skarmory, and Qwilfish (in gen 5) and simply keep a copy of them. I actually don't have the Skarmory Pal Parked yet, so I'll let you know when I do.
    Hey. My FC is 4942-4756-6332 if you wanted to give me a Haban berry. Do you feel it would definately be the best item to give my Dragonite? Bulky or not, it doesn't take dragon attacks very well.
    I'll look through your thread again and see if I can find anything. I prefer to do EV training for my pokemon on my own though (call me sentimental, but it makes me feel like I'm bonding with them). I'm willing to do a BP for you anyways though for more credits even if I can't find anything. Just let me know.
    Hmm I am not sure how I will get them but I will ask around, And depending on how long it takes to find good seeds wouuld 2-3 credits each be fair?
    I dunno if I can trade through a phone tether but I can try. xD I can definatly trade Monday thoigh tell me what times you are avaliable today and I'll tell you which work for me.
    Sorry for not getting back to you, D: I do need the DW females though if you got them, Here are the things BPs I would like to do :)

    Hasty Jynx
    Brave Spinarak
    Jolly Spearow
    Both Lickitungs
    And the Crawdaunt(I have this DW female already and parent)

    How many credits are they worth each?
    So, where exactly did you report me again?? I'd like to share my side of this story. If anyone is being taken advantage of here, it's me.
    I never agreed to any sort of "credits" or "EV training" deal. The only deal I ever made was that you could keep a copy of the pokemon you cloned for me as a payment. The EV Training I offered to be nice, but it was NEVER part of our trade agreement.
    Please let me know by tonight if you're going to give me credits or something for those 4 pokemon. I don't want to involve the mods, but I want this issue resolved.
    I would like some of the pokemon from your thread for that trade we did earlier. I haven't decided on everything yet, but I definitely want a copy of that HP ice zorua. Are you free to trade now??
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