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  • how about like
    sometime tonight or tomorrow
    i want to piss off my roommate
    so we have to be obnoxiously loud
    WB is a chiller! He likes to mock people a lot. He's cool though (SEE WB I"M NICE I GIVE COMPLIMENTS)

    Ahhhh its not so scary anymore as it is nostalgic and adorable and really really imaginative. Can we have a chitty chitty bang bang watching session PLEASE and thanks yeah
    haha, i did see cubone/marowak charms at the a pokemon center, but unfortunately the original 151 are not as glorified as the more recent pokemon, and so you can't find their likeness rampant in merchandise.

    i really like marowak COMPETITIVELY, which is why i love to gush about him, but otherwise, he's an awesome mon. i have on in my pokemon green playthrough right now, and he destroys everything (thank god abilities don't exist and nothing can levitate)

    you will surely find something to sate your pokelust in tokyo though, fear not! glen is cool as a cucumber, i hope you guys hang soon!
    chitty chitty bang bang is my FAVORITE. It is the best childhood movie and should be required for all to be seen. oh and what if I'm both?
    can we discuss undying love for marowak? he is recently one of my new favorite pokemon ever.
    Reasons it should be stickied: Most people on the site sit on their fatasses all day playing pokemon, itd be nice to have a more fit community in general and have some easy to access tips on how not to be a fatass. Amirite o:
    well yeah Ik I was just using weightlifting as an example, its just health and fitness really but that's kind of a sporty type of thing I guess lol...anyway I still think its bs, unless you sticky this Nina thread, in that case I fully approve 1000%
    but weight lifting is a sport isn't it? now people will be like "well since it isn't in the sports forum it must not be a sport" do you really want that on your conscience???
    i know that this whole closing the fitness thing is a prank thought up by the a4m mods and you guys will totally reopen it once enough people have fallen for this...right?? RIGHT??????
    alright i am about to post the thread. i actually havent slept yet, so i will be heading to bed shortly after, but i'm ready for a period of cleaning and correcting minor things from the thread when i wake up, so if you notice something please do not be afraid to bother me about it :)

    EDIT: lol i noticed at the last minute that i needed to make 2 pc++ posts in order to reach the 1k mark. ok now the thread is going up
    says the guy i've yet to see anyone say anything negative about. it cant be because they know they cant beat you up in a fight
    great idea. I'll ask in smeargles studio, and we can edit into the thread whatever comes out of that request. also we can change the thread title as well, nothing is set in stone or "familiar" in the early stages of the thread

    now i only wish i knew what thread in smeargles studio to ask in, hmmm
    i see that you are on. this is your chance to help name that new thread about to go up. i am still brainstorming names lol
    so far i have:
    - The healthing lifestyle thread (or the healthy living thread, cant decide)
    fantastic! I actually saw that game where Cisse scored that goal. If I remember correctly his first goal was pretty spectacular itself (although nowhere near as impressive as the lol physics goal).

    Thanks for the info, I'll study up and be ready to join in! It's hard to watch a lot of games though, being in America and all and at work while they're going on :(
    Excellent! I honestly only started following EPL recently, because up until now in my life I had only been a footballer and not a watcher. I was never able to watch football because it made me antsy, because I wanted to play so badly. I've finally grown up enough to sit and watch it now, so I decided I needed a team. Being Scottish, my first choice would have been a Scottish team, but there are none in the EPL so I chose the team closest to the border, Newcastle!
    are you saying that because you're a Newcastle fan too? Or because I'm actually doing mod things lol
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