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  1. Apprentice Program Signups: SUMO OU

    Assigned to 10th Squad Taichou Username:LukeWithJazz PO/PS! Name:Jazzy007 Your time zone: GMT +5:30 Usual Hours of Availability: From 9 of morning to 1 in night Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences):I have been playing for 3 years just for fun but I...
  2. no we dont

    no we dont
  3. fren* wassup

    fren* wassup
  4. that avatar is savage xD

    that avatar is savage xD
  5. ORAS OU Seismicity - Mega 'Chomp Sand Bulky Offense

    I like your team pretty much and gl with that.However,I would recommend Stone Edge>Fire Blast since stone edge hits harder in sand and also Edge+Earthquake is pretty awesome coverage.Also,I would recommend using 176 Sp Ev's on M-Chomp and 80 Ev's on HP Since Max Speed doesn't makes any sense to...
  6. ORAS OU return from the pork chop mountains (peak 1900 +)

    Opposing Bisharp seems to be a threat on that team too.Add that to the threatlist imo. The Team looks pretty awesome tbh.No wonder you peaked with that. Good luck.
  7. Resource ORAS Good Cores

    But this core needs to take out scarf lando-t asap so I felt Ice Punch would be better
  8. Resource ORAS Good Cores

    Lopunny @ Lopunnite Ability: Limber EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - High Jump Kick - Return - Fake Out - Baton Pass/Power-Up Punch Hoopa-Unbound @ Life Orb Ability: Magician EVs: 160 Atk / 96 SpA / 252 Spe Hasty Nature - Dark Pulse - Gunk Shot - Drain Punch - Hidden Power Ice...
  9. Resource ORAS Good Cores

    You don't have a filler on Tyranitar,i'd suggest ice punch :D
  10. Resource ORAS Good Cores

    that core is really weak to opposing talon and m-loppuny itself and bulky ground types so i'd personally suggest some water type like Manaphy better. I'd suggest a calm mind one since your team would appreciate how it can deal with physical pokes :) Manaphy @ Leftovers Ability: Hydration...
  11. ORAS OU A Princess, Guacamole, and a Red Dragon?

    You can use Defog on Latias and use Swords Dance with Air Balloon Excadrill since it would add a little more offense to your team.Anyways,I like the Idea of your team and GoodLuck with that :)
  12. General Introduce yourself!

    Yea You've got your first friend bruh coz of kfc.Btw hi :)
  13. General Introduce yourself!

    Hi Everyone Guys ^_^ I am known as MightySwagger013 on ps and I just enjoy chillin in OU Room.Nice to meet you guys and have a good time here on PS :). Also,if you want to get your team tested for OU,feel free to pm me whenever you want to :D
  14. ORAS OU Just Dance (Charizard X bulky offense)

    I I understand that u need starmie but it would be better if you use offensive variant else this team looks really passive,also use zen headbutt instead of heart stamp for more power on Jirachi.Also the above mentioned comments really help the comment so i cant say much more tbh. P.S. Also,try...
  15. ORAS OU Fight to the Finish!

    First of all,I'm yo Jazzy!! Wassup dude,you got too busy rn and i am literally crying ;-; but I hope good luck to you and I hope you get less loaded with work or you could work with time management I guess ;) Btw the team is pretty solid , however this team is pretty weak to fire types like air...