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  • it was for some kids' salvation ok

    that's good, hope you get a definite answer & can go home soon. yeah we'll work on it & finish it up

    yeah they never die lol

    thx :] see you friday!
    yeah yeah chill out i'll still post a milestone later, it was too much effort to wait to post until i got it done !!

    no one will remember it wasnt really 2k later anyway
    i am just forgetful + eager to make the notification slug off.

    we did a lot of cleaning and helped with a food truck and broke onto a soccer field to play with little kids and chilling on the beach because we had free time. it was chill.

    ah that sucks :[ hopefully you can return soon, it sounds like it's been too long & you need to get away from the situation and return to normal living.

    thanks it did. lol i haven't fed my fish since christmas probably.. good thing they never die :]

    anyways i go to camp tomorrow until friday soo i'll see you then i guess as i won't have internet for the ~4 days i'll be gone.
    ofc i view the VM and forget to reply :B

    LA was really fun, us girls had a great time being thugs. dumb boys could have slugged off but w/e.

    how is ny going? hope all is well.

    if you get a chance check my fb and click 'help a friend' on the happyaquarium chest rescue thing.. you don't have to load the game i don't think just click 'help' so i can rescue this animal and hope it's a whale to turn against smackjack YEA
    nah man, fake hedo is all ours, he actually had a pretty ragetacular article after he found out hedo got moved
    Lol wtf nigga?! Where you been at?! Btw, you don't need to be home to play P.O.
    I thought you'd seen the Hitmontop already. =P He's been used since Seattle ^_^
    I dunno if I have and while money is no longer an issue pretty sure there is a sandwhich of death that awaits my soul or my wallet or my internet.
    how would your grandmother like it if she knew you were sending death threats to people over the internet.
    I wish you fellas (US West) the best, we are all bros, but I can't reverse the Makiri Curse, so y'all stuck with that.

    LMFAO! the makiri curse lmaoooooooooooooo
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