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  • btw zerowing did you get my message for help on my team that was inspired by your team, specifically any difficulties your team met that you could warn me about or anything else you wish some1 had warned u about. also about the scarfing kyogre
    did you hear the spurs have already booked their vacations in Barbados?
    theyre staying in the Sunswept Beach Hotel X|---|
    Okay so the easy phase is over dude. Congrats. Now you got a slight hurdle of getting through this year.

    Expecting you to win Worlds. So don't cock up at nats.

    Nice job. :)
    Haha, congrats on the win man. My first matchup was just awwwfuulll, but I'm sure you've heard. You think you're up for any just for fun VGC matches?

    I'm still banking on going to Nats. xD
    Hey never got a chance to congratulate you, so congratzzz. Nice meeting you as well, although it would have been nice if all that ridiculousness wasn't blaring in our ears haha.
    Congrats on your win in Seattle! I could always use some personal help with my VGC team via PM... lol ;)
    Tomorrow and Tuesday I should be home around 7:00-10:00 PST, would around that time work for you?
    i see here youre part of the top ouers.
    i wanna see and meet and find a way to compete with these guys.
    idk who or what to start with.
    Hey i see that your on now. Do you want to battle? If you're busy I understand. I will probably be on for a couple more hours though if you cant now but can later.
    Im in central time. Im always on at about 10:15 to midnight if not later on weak days and I can be on earlier if need be except tomorrow cuz i have church. I can probably be on thurdsay and friday from like 6 till mid night off and on. I got nothing planned those days on. Its up to you.
    shouldn't that be done by now. And shouldn't he be forced to battle because of the deadline being up?
    whats going on with you and cloud9 in the legends awakening tourney. Im the guy that faces the winner of your battle
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