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  • Sure. You live in California right (I'm in St. Louis). Ummmm... I gotta get a new heating element for my furnace right after work, but... 5:30ish (US central time) I "ought" to be free.
    Yo zerowing, I added you on MSN..
    My timezone is GMT+1 (Germany) and I'll be able to battle today and then maybe next week sometimes. I hope we get the battle done soon ;)
    hello paul whenever i get better internet we should cod6 together like old times
    we should get Rix fat fuck in here!... and buy him a large stack of Donuts.
    I thought that at the time since he had Chesto AND Lum - Eruption Typhlo and Icy Wind Dusknoir (perfect counters to a Follow Me/Dark Void strategy), but Batpig said that wasn't the case, so...
    Is Cold Wave that card that stops Spell and Traps cards to be played for one turn or something? I stopped playing Pokemon when Diamond and Pearl arrived.
    I so wish I had a picture of that. And it was always drug duck who toted the thing in, and really, it looked about like a 12OZ in his hands.


    Das is how you playen der Pokemon im der Vaterland! Bitschen!
    I see.

    So what do you mod on here? I noticed the italicized name and the + lol.
    Oh sorry, I mainly just post in the Pokemon section, and so I don't see many users. I'm surprised you aren't posting in the Pokemon section.
    Regarding your request to join Pojo-ers on Smogon, I need to know who you are on Pojo before I accept you in. I don't recognize your name from Pojo.

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