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  • Lol. Since Timid, Modest, Calm, and Bold are all seen with either HP Ice or HP Flying spreads on Thundurus and Thundurus-T in VGC, I'm thinking I'll pick one of those Hidden Powers, find an IV seed for it, then find the number of Chatters necessary to hit each of those 4 natures (and the corresponding PIDs). That way, I can restart and RNG my ID/SID anytime for a quick and definite shiny with any of those natures without having to play through twice each time.
    Thanks. People in the RNG thread seem to really be suggesting that I restart like I explained in the last VM (see this post by funeral_cake for a good explanation).
    Oh ok. I was planning on RNGing my ID/SID for a shiny one, but people are telling me that I need to play through the game first up to Tornadus/Thundurus, see what frame I can hit, then RNG my ID/SID for it, and play through up to Tornadus/Thundurus again. I figured I could just pick a frame that I know from the advice of others won't be too low (in the Summer) and RNG my ID/SID for that...
    Yo mattj I know your busy with your actual professional music but it could be great if you can make a guest appearance or challenge some unfortunate user and rap him :)

    It would be on a user-user coordination time wise and it will be once until you request to be added agian.
    I've heard it's really useful too, but I just haven't started on B/W2 yet since I want to RNG my ID/SID but my computer died, so I wanted to start progressing towards the genies on Dream Radar while I wait for my new laptop if possible, and was wondering if I'd need an SD card to do so. Without a computer, I can't back up the SD card yet anyway.
    Oh lol. Well do you need an SD card to play it (or at least to hold the save), or is it just something that's recommended for RNG?
    How cute! And yeah, it's about time we got the rules officially announced!

    You play the Dream Radar, right?
    i was writing a loooooong response to your pm, but then i realized it was probably mostly the drugs talking and didnt send it. hope it's okay!! and i didnt ban jman
    Ice is what I use too, but may be playing through White again and was wondering if a Timid HP Flying one is worth RNGing, or if I should go with a Calm (bulky) one. For that matter, what nature and Hidden Power (if applicable) do you expect to be the best for Thundurus-T? Tornadus-T?
    No AC at work??? Wow, that sucks!

    I was told that people are using bulky spreads on Thundurus nowadays... do you have an example of a typical one? I thought they were all pretty much 252 SpA / 252 Spe... that's all that's listed in the analysis except for an alternate EV spread on the Rain Support set.
    Hopefully there will be some B/W2 RNG abuse guides up soon. I haven't seen anything outside of the research thread.
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