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  • Haha nice! Any idea if Entralink abuse (including nature) is any more or less difficult in B/W2?
    Oh, well that's good to hear. Looks like they're saying that legendaries are done differently though, so hopefully they won't be too difficult. What about ID/SID abuse... that's been cracked, right? I plan to do it when I get my English game.
    I never did Pokéwalker RNG, but I thought I remembered hearing that it was difficult and/or complicated.
    That's still pretty cool :). Unfortunately I'm being told that this bundle was a limited edition and is long-since off the shelves (now available online for $400).
    Since you're a big Zelda fan, do you have the Zelda special edition 3DS? I need a 3DS for the Dream Radar (trying to decide between the original model and the XL), and am thinking of buying that bundle if it's still available. I'd want OoT 3D anyway.
    I know :/. I don't even own a 3DS, but it looks like I'll have to get one now. Well played, Nintendo!

    I might still import it mainly just so I can get the Japanese-exclusive Wi-Fi events. My plan is to wait until we know everything about the games (which shouldn't take long at all) and decide if having all that a few months earlier is worth it, and also see if any cool/useful new events are revealed.
    So i take it with the second baby's arrival just a few months ago, you wont be able to go to this years either?

    I'm highly considering not going this year. Things are pretty crazy right now at home and im also on jury duty for the summer and never know when their going to call me in.
    Plus i know i haven't practiced enough to do any good, so hopefully i will be able to next year.
    I am seriously considering doing Hero Mode, but that should probably wait until after exams haha.
    mattj, pe2k needs your help. We need for our pokemon of the week a flawless jolteon/eevee, timid with 31/30/30/31/31/31 for hp ice. Would you be able to help me and dark shadow lord get pokemon of the week running for pe2k?
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