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  • Hey Darkaxis said I should meet you.
    I am the bald accountant.
    I am 45 years old, I am married and have a 12 year old daughter and a 8 year old son.
    I have not been on Smogon long, but I am hooked.
    I don't really like pokemon online. I prefer GBU style WIFI.
    I use pokesav for most of my pokes (I know cheater)
    I am not sure why thought I should meet you, but I am always glad to meet more great smogonites.
    Well, thats good. Im just glad to hear the little guy is getting better! Ever since my brothers newborn had problems after birth, I've been sensitive to that kinda stuff.
    hey, What time do you usually get on irc, i forget? i dont usually get on irc, but when i do, u never seem to be on lol.
    Thanks. I can see myself getting stuck in a situation where an NPC tells me to go to a certain area, which I must do before being able to progress with the game (like in B/W when Juniper calls you and tells you to go to the Relic Castle). In your opinion, does playing the Japanese game (when you're often unsure of what's going on) at all ruin the experience when you get and play through the English version?

    I'm mainly thinking of getting it so I can be a part of all the Japan-exclusive Wi-Fi events.
    Haha, that's actually why I was asking you :p. I'm probably going to get a Japanese copy of B/W2, and was wondering where you suggest getting it from. I was also wondering how difficult Japanese Pokémon games are to play through for someone who doesn't know Japanese (especially with B/W2 since it could be a whole new game, not just a Yellow/Crystal/Emerald/Platinum where the plot and dialog are largely the same).
    Hey Matt! Hope Lincoln is doing well :). You imported B/W before its international release, right?
    Ok then. I am free at 3:30 PM GMT if you can do 9:30 AM your time. Got to go at 4:30 though so we are going to have to do it quickly.
    Please respond fast
    Mmmmmmm BOP! Yea now your remembering the song! Anywho tomorrow ill be on and hopefully i can get caught up on team building and stuff!
    Alright, Cannot do today so I will have to do it tomorrow EARLY though.
    PS: Please decide on a time
    Hey man I am on IRC right now as the film just finished. I am also ready for the trades
    Hey mattj I will be on #skarmbliss around 22:45 tonight because I am watching a film right now (Aliens) but I will be ready to do the trade then.
    I'm pretty good for now I guess though I don't know what kind of team I should prepare for that wifi tournament.
    GOOD NEWS! My laptop has new life! And I am back ready to train for the online tournament in march!!! Woohoo!!! I hope the wife and kids are treating you fine?!?!
    Also, what nature will Tyrogue have when it evolves? As Hitmontop only gets Steadfast from DW.
    Hey mattj im in Wifi Club so I'm ready whenever you're ready. Also, I sent a PM to you with my FC in it so I can find you
    No problem. It's really pretty amazing about how everything you could ever need is there. That's why WiFi's been pretty dead lately I think.
    Actually sorry got to go now but if you PM me your FC I can trade tomorrow at the time we said
    Yeah sure that will be fine. I'll PM you my FC and theb we can do the trade tomorrow.
    Last thing though. What do you want for the stuff?
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