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  • Hey dude, I just have had 2 long weekends in a row lol and not much else apart from working has been happening. How are you? I'm not really to excited for X/Y mainly because I'm not playing pokemon as much as I used to, I don't really have much time for it anymore :( lol.
    bleh... I'm not active on IRC anymore. :/ I'm usually free most of the time so you'll be able to reach me whenever.
    Hey are you still around? I'd like to trade for your Pokéwalker Surfchu if possible...
    Wow. Haven't been here in a long time lol
    Yeah.. I guess I'm still playing pokemon but I kinda quit RNG and smogon I guess
    You doing well? I'm currently into playing Nuzlocke challenges.
    Hey Music ! How are you ?

    Yea, I'm still around here, I just don't log in very often but I'm reading the forum every day. What is it you're interested in?!

    ~ Eppie.
    Yeah, I've already done it on W2, but I've still got her on B2. What did you need?
    I definitely have one with Encore, but not with Memento. Seems it's a chain breed from Clefairy > Hoppip > Cottonee, so it won't be too hard.
    Hey man, no worries :) . I might get active on smogon again, I haven't really played pokemon much at all since last year so I don't know wether or not to make a new thread.
    I will eventually be making one lol that's what the banners are for. It got deleted a long time ago when the site had some sort of issue with ALL the trade threads and mine never got restored. For NOW you can take a look at what I have (although I doubt you don't already have most of it lol) just take a look at my NEWEST stuff HERE. I'm definitely working on more stuff though.

    EDIT: Seems the link isn't working just go to my sig and you'll see a link for a trade thread. Go to the Unove Section for the newest stuff.
    Darn, looks like I'm out of luck. Well if you ever get a chance I'd be more than willing to work out some sort of deal. :)
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