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  1. Rain Redux (#1)

    Not really, I was the one spectating a staller you lost from.
  2. Rain Redux (#1)

    Lol blah, you're actually the easiest to beat from the top 10
  3. Boring rain team RMT

    Zapdos > Thundurus obviously on rain teams, mkay.
  4. Rain Redux (#1)

    Running HP Grass means that dragons wall this set.
  5. Rain Redux (#1)

    Lostaura couldn't see the threat in some pokes due to crits though, especially Jirachi is the case here. And Indeed like suggested, the HP EV's :) Good game, although you slowed my growing process GRRRRR ;D
  6. Rain Redux (#1)

    This. Team. Is just... MAGNIFICENT! After testing it out on a new PO account for an hour or 2, I only got beaten like.. twice? In fact, I'm right behind you Dezza, with 5 points less :O Remember when I said it had a major Electric weakness? You were right when you said Latios did a fine job...
  7. Megan Fox is hot (Peaked #1 on OU Leaderboard)

    Wow, i have exact the same team except for Suicune = Latias. No joke O_O'
  8. When you wish upon a jolt (OU RMT-capped at #3)

    pretty standard team setup: Steel Lead (Meta, Heatran,..) Core: Jolteon + Bulky Gyara + Steel (Altho you picked heatran, a bulky SD scizor can be as good) Sleep Sweeper: Breloom Special Sweeper: Most of the time Starmie or Gengar Now i can give you like 5 famous RMT's that use exact the same...
  9. The Powerful Little Guys [NFE RMT]

    The Powerful Little Guys [NFE Team] This team is meant for Shoddy and is for the NFE tier. Electabuzz (M) @ Lum Berry Ability: Static EVs: 160 Atk/252 Spd/98 SAtk Hasty nature (+Spd, -Def) ~ Cross Chop ~ Fire Punch ~ Ice Punch ~ Thunderbolt Description: I chose Electabuzz for my lead...
  10. UBER Sprite Sheet

    How does that site help me finding a program to place pokemon accuratly in a row and save the file as .PNG?
  11. UBER Sprite Sheet

    Paint is too inaccurate to place all the sprites correctly in rows.. : ( i think no one knows how to make such sheets : (
  12. the best feeling in the world is...

    Watching a movie with your girlfriend on the couch in the dark and the hours after x)
  13. UBER Sprite Sheet

    :( Why doesn't anybody read the post, i said i have the sprites I just need to know how i can make a Sprite Sheet (Which Program)
  14. Fakemon Requests Here!

    Dudes this is getting WAY too fast for Chomzloh, give him some breath cause he has sooo many requests on his list now -__-'
  15. UBER Sprite Sheet

    Hey guys, i'd like to make a sprite sheet of ALL pokemon sprites (one with the notched ear pichu, castform forms, deoxys forms, rotom forms, unknown, arceus, Cherrim, Burmy, Shaymin, Giratina,.. and MAYBE female sprites to) i have a list and all the needed sprites but i don't know how i can...