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  • Well the only reason I bought P4 was because it had some awesome music, then played it, next thing I know 8 hours have passed. I literally could not put the controller down it was so fun. I reccommend 4 as you can understand 4 without playing 3, since they only make references to that do not impact the game at all. However 4 is expensive for a PS2 game (40 bucks but comes with it's OST) but totally worth it.
    Or just a modded PSP. It's what I used, lol, and that is horribly easy to mod bar 3000 model as you can only soft mod it, unless you want to take it apart. If you are into Atlus you should try Persona 3 and 4 if you haven't already.
    At some point a fan will try to translate it, (worked with Der Langrisser if you've heard of it) people soon realize that it'll never happen and they get people together and translate the game. I read somewhere that someone was translating Blaze, don't know how that went or if they discontinued it as I read that forever ago.
    That and Garlot/Gulcasa (whichever way you see him) is a badass. Gloria was pretty fun, but I only played through it once,wasn't as fun as Blaze. Might be due to the fact I read up on some of went on in Blaze and didn't have the time while playing Gloria. I think they ought to make a 4th one and localize it, or like you said and localize one of the other 3, because we are missing out and they have so much money to be made.
    Sounds interesting, if they only localize one (they won't) it would have to be Blaze. That game was so beast.
    Okay, Wednesday is fine. But can we finish it before 8 pm EST? Because that's when Spring Friendly is going to start, lol.

    I have class until 5 so anytime after 5:30 pm est I'll be available. I'll probably be on IRC so you can probably find me there. :)
    Ah, awesome! Well, thing is, TheMantyke and I will be trading the guys for my team over tonight. So, can we battle tomorrow? Or I might actually be able to squeeze in the battles tonight. Not too sure though.

    Anyway, I'm usually available anytime after 6pm. I'm on EST time zone.
    Hi nick: since I'm off from some days, do you know if the "discussion of my pokemon thread" was deleted? I don't find it
    If you look at my rates, I know what I'm talking about. But someone is looking for something that's wrong with my rate, and he/she attacks me... the Team Raters say I'm doing well, but others try to make me look like an idiot.
    *sigh* How come whenever I do a good quality rate on VGC teams, someone has to come out and attack my own rate? They're making me look stupid >:(
    yes, I know about altaria, and I agree about marowak, but since it is impossibble to soft reset I think to keep articuno, or not?
    Yeah; I got a name change because everybody just called me bre anyway.
    That sounds like a cool idea. I planned to just keep it in my hotel room or something and have people to come in and play it, but if there's a better place where we could play on multiple systems together that would be even better.
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