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  • Im EST so im either GMT-4 or GMT-5. I was going to Pokeshift one of my mons from 4th gen to 5th gen but since you can not delete EVs in 5th gen, Ill leave it in 4th gen. Two of my mons in 5th gen have no evs but one of them has unnecessary Evs. Ill try to get my EV deleting berries from the pokemon dream world as soon as possible and delete those EVs before I trade with you. Also, I am wondering if you can pp max.
    Sorry but I do not know how to use pokecheck. I just need you to EV train 4 pokemon. Most of them have EVs but I just want to swap some of them. Btw, when are you usually free?
    Hey, I haven't heard from you in awhile! Can I get a CMT? I need help with a 4th gen breeding project and not too many people do those these days!
    that is fine. Could you give me your FC of your white/black. When we did that and we have still time we can trade the duskull too, but I don't think I can make that, so for now I will just trade you the ralts and another time we can trade the duskull.
    Yes I meant your duskull. I can trade now, but it has to be fast (have to leave within 20 min.). Do you have the duskull on a 4gen card btw? I would like him in 4gen if possible. you will need my white fc to trade, will look my HG FC up on my game.
    The XD duskull with helping hand looks good. I will take that one. I will vm you when the ralts is done.
    If you still need a ralts with helping hand, I have one in the entralink. I was planning to RNG it after this weekend, so if you still need one then, you can have one. I am aiming for calm/bold. What do you have in return?
    That's quite the interpretation and close to my own.
    It's a line from a person in the Battle Subway (the one that gives you a Starf Berry at 203 wins). As such, my interpretation of it is that no matter how far I go and am struck down in the Battle Subway, I'll get back up and continue. Because I'm that type of person, aren't I?

    /curiosity satisfied
    Oh no! I'd me more than happy if you used my exact team! That way it wouldn't be going to waste since I was only able to use it at regionals.
    Hahaha, oh my gosh. That's a great gif. The other great part was when she said she didn't want to waste energy by getting mad and Hotarou just stares at her like she's an angel. rofl
    Haha, yes. I love the fact that they used the kid and a few other randoms to censor any nsfw. It made me laugh pretty hard.
    yup sir thank you i was just doing this to see if my friend's blissey was the real deal but sadly it's hack thank to you man this is going to be hard to tell him
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