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  • Awesome, I'll be on then. =)
    Ersatz for your mudkip, right? And as I said, that'd be great if you could send me a few copies of Ersatz back. (sorry, don't mean to be asking too much, but it really would help) =)
    I got a router that works, so I'll be able to trade whenever we can work out a day/time. =)
    Around the afternoon and sometimes in the morning from 9-12 am PST. Btw, I'm not sure if i have Uxie as UT. I have it ev trained at Lvl 89 with my moveset, so idk if you're interested in that or not.
    Want to complete our pending after I finish up my other trade. You would need to trade with both of my FC though and clone me back a copy of everything
    Okay.. It probably won't get fixed, though. I'm kind of 'borrowing' it, and they blocked it off or something, so.. I'll probably just have to wait until tomorrow, when I can go to a hotspot (which still usually doesn't like my DS, just to warn you..).
    Ok. It will be the Diamond one. =)
    EDIT: Actually, my wifi is down... I'll have to trade some other time. D=
    I'll be available tomorrow during the day, maybe...
    Wow, I totally wasn't paying attention to whose was what. ^__^;

    How about your Trapinch, then? Either version, shiny or non-shiny will do. =)
    I can trade now. =D
    Yeah, sure. I've been pretty busy as well, so I haven't had much time to do anything. How's it going?
    Sure, I'd be happy to give you Ersatz! And that'd be awesome if you could send a copy or two back. =)

    As for your pokemon, you don't have to give me anything if you don't want to, but really any of them would do (they are all amazingly awesome!). I particularly like your shiny Teddiursa, though. ;)
    Actually use my Pearl fc since Mesprit's there.

    So can you nickname the Bulbasaur "Moss" by any chance?
    Hey there, if you're still online we could trade right now :D

    And btw, can you nickname the Bulbasaur?
    Alright...I will hopefully be on in a few myself...I am attempting to get online but having connection probs.
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