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  • I'll be able to trade in about 40 minutes of you're still on. BTW, that's awesome that you're training to be a firefighter.
    Excuse me, #1 I wasn't looking for dream world Gligar/Gliscor you are and #2 the only thing that isn't flawless about it was it's HP and sp attk which you don't need a Gliscor for. You however keep spamming the simple questions about the same thing. I'm done arguing on useless topics though.
    sorry I didn't get back to you yersterday. it was really late when I got home. Can you trade today?
    Regarding "If you can breed me a MALE with Poison Heal I'll trade you an EVd DW Ninetales, Venusaur, Staraptor or Dragonite."

    1. I have a DW Ninetales; but what are the IVs on the others?
    2. Are the others male or female (I know venosaur must be male, but haven't checked the others).
    3. If I bred you a male Gligar, I can't assure you it'll have good IVs. But if I trade you a female one, you could keep breeding it until you get one you're happy with (besides, females are functionally better, gamewise).

    Let me know.
    Well sadly I have no store to offer credits from. Anything else I can offer? anything at all?
    I'm pretty sure he meant each celebi can only unlock the event on each game once; trading it to a different game will allow him to unlock it elsewhen.
    Hey, I currently need all power items except for Power Bracer and Power Lens.
    I don't have any 5th Gen Pokemons but I do have some EV'd pokemons from 4th gen on my Pokemon Black if your interested.
    Oh hey, you have power items? You can have any Pokemon from my thread for all power items, but be warned that they aren't all cloned XD
    hey my bad i went over a friends yesterday but yeah what would have to offer for the drought tails? if you have an male arbok with dark pulse in gen 5 i can trade it for that
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