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  • You can reach me on, my secondary email that I've been using for some other Smogon games as well. It works with Docs, so that shouldn't be a problem. Just give me a shout if you need anything done or discussed.
    I have no hosting experience whatsoever, and my playing experience is rather minimal too (I participated in ANOCymous, Mafia from the Depths, Aypak Mafia and Space Western Mafia, from the top of my head). I do have some IRL experience with the game, in which I am often the storyteller.
    Oh whoops XD that's what we get for being overly vague about what we're talking about isn't it?

    C'mon now, you know how it works on the Scramble Challange Thread. You challenge them to give you their worst, and by god, they'll give you their worst. I just reserved one for you myself, though I won't be giving you something that'll make you tear your hair out :P that's just not my style. It WILL be hard though. I just need to think up of something first.
    Well that's the risk you take when you make big suggestions. No one was mean about it at least; they just made their counterarguments and left it at that.
    New blood doesn't do great challanges, but Bearded Dragonite's vietamese crystal is hilarious. I recommend it.

    Thanks. Sorry that I've been away from the thread. Had a sudden need to play ASB haha

    So, what of the new blood? Any challenge backstories that give chills when reading them?
    Ok, it's done. Sorry for its lateness. I had a bit on my plate.

    Thanks for the shoutout ^_^ I'd like to meet you IRL as well!
    heh the trick is going to be figuring out when is the best time to use your item. Because of course, it takes up a turn to use an items, meaning you have to make the best of it or you're giving your opponent a free turn to set up or do damage. Even in-game, that's dangerous to do. And the limit will really be felt during some of the more difficult battles in the game too.
    That was the idea, play well and Staunch never gets used. Of course, you do know what the other effect of Staunch is, right? You have to keep it in your party, in case something does faint.

    And you can use Staunch whenever, but if you switch in Staunch for any reason other than because something else died, then Staunch is under the effect of Jimera's '3 items' rule like everyone else. It's only when Staunch switches in after something faints that he becomes and exception to the '3 items' rule.
    I told you I would host ;~;
    also you forgot "Best Challange-Giver"
    add "Best Newcomer"/"Best Veteran" pls, we need more awards :P
    I would love to host, but I have finals all next week and I still have to go to my aunt's to help set up for Christmas. I will try to host the next one. Sorry, but these awards came at a bad time for me :(
    I would say yes, but something's up with my HG. It keeps glitching every time I save, saying corrupted data. I've deleted the file and restarted it, but that fails as well. Guess the AR and the game don't mix :(

    None of my other games act like this at all.....
    Ok, well, I'll do what I can. Just need to figure out the timings, such as when to officiallly begin and such.

    I'll wait about 2 days to see if anyone else wants to try hosting before I go ahead.
    I'd be willing to try to host the awards. But I've never done so before. Anything that should know/do?

    As for my qualifications for hosting, I have the most posts in the Scramble Thread Mk2 and my challenges are most all interesting.
    Ok that's great to hear! I have a few questions regarding Pinball though. I already made a post on it in the thread.
    I personally think your works are better than even my best challenges anyway. Really, my best challenge was Fear the Lilipup.

    I'll be starting my Scramble soon anyway.
    Sorry to have made you question your work :(

    Its just that I can only write great when I am writing about sad and/or Horrifying stories......
    Well, I am hoping you extend the twitter things. Possibly make a different chat room type thing? Seeing as you'd done Twitter, perhaps something like a #whatever or Facebook-type thing, or maybe even a Xat Type chat?

    And you are welcome for the weight, you are welcome.
    Not saying your romantic part of the update was bad or anything, but the twitter was the best part. I hope to see more of it. :)

    Also, that part was pretty good. Though, I am not an expert on it.
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