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  • I'm trying to get in contact with him. We have a huge timezone problem and he is having internet troubles. Sorry for delaying the SSPL.
    hey, it looks like we're battling in the first round of the SSPL1. i am available tonight, and most of tomorrow and tuesday, and then nights wed. through fri. I am (GMT-5) eastern time zone.
    Thanks for that, by the way. ^_^ This should be so much fun to write. Going to have the Tepig scarred, since fire obviously burns. Even though Tepig is a Fire type, even they are not exempt from the pain that fire can cause.
    How do the restrictions sound for my Tepig? Technically, you do get say in them, since you gave me the Tepig.
    That sucks. I can't really talk to you about the game for obvious reasons, but I hope everything is fine on your end!
    Well, as he is staying at a friend's tonight, I cannot currently as him. I would suggest making the dice roll to the first turn every time it enters battle though.

    Rolling dice every turn gets bothersome. Otherwise I like the challenge. I'll let you know what he thinks when he gets back tomorrow.

    Also, why the avvie change?
    It's your Scramblocke.

    I just left the restriction of the Revive in bounty's hands so that you have a backdoor in case of something like King.

    You know how they say that heros never die.....
    Poor Emo. :( Fuck Wattson, fuck him so much. >_< Goddamn it. D: If King happens to die after Flannery, and Emo somehow comes back, how should we have her evolve?
    If you really want your poor Tentacool to sacrifice himself for Emo, then Emo could possibly come back. But it wouldn't help if she was immediately annihilated by Flannery and her OP'ed Overheat. D: I was looking forward to seeing her blossom into a Shiftry. :(
    i saw that Pop! the Drifloon won. :3 Tetrinity gave it to me, by the way, although it doesn't matter too much lol. :3
    OMG, your updates are amazing. And now, Emo's suicidal rage can be untapped due to Bounty's death. I REALLY hope that you can defeat Flannery with her, I wanna see Shiftry on Shiftry battle action. D:
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