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  • Hey, you're on my team for the LoL tournament. Are you better at AD carry or support? I can play either so just let me know what you want to do and I will play the other role.
    Well, that certainly is an... obstacle. Maybe he can balance on his tentacles and you can use the Spraybottle on him to keep him moist. Still, it's nice to know that he's doing well.
    When/If Emo evolves into a Nuzleaf or Shiftry, have her share the story of how her parents were taken from her. Maybe her mother was caught by someone, and later she was found abandoned and dead with severe burns all over her body (like from a Fire-typed move), and the father was caught by Sidney? When/If Emo is actually able to battle Sidney, she'll notice that his Shiftry has one hand or one eye or something that reminds her of her dad, only to figure out that he is? This is just a suggestion, but it does add a lot of conflict between Skarm and Sidney. O_O
    Ok, perhaps when he solos the next guy/gal, insert something about a major crime that has been commited or something...
    You know, I never opened the hide tags yet and denied the challenge just for the stuff below them >.>

    I am now almost afraid to open them <,<

    Anyway, thanks though ^_^

    Now I just have to wait until College work slaks off so I can begin >.>
    Hey I have a question. I'll accept Ashe the Petilil, but can you give me a formal post for her in the Scramble thread, in your own words? If so, that would be very appreciated. :)
    RPG = Role Playing Game

    If one is as creative and as great a writer as you, RPGs are perfect. I do text-based RPGs mainly, but one can say that Pokemon is an RPG >.>
    DON'T even mention The Great Gatsby!!!

    I horribly failed that test in college >:(

    But seriously, you need to take up RPGs.
    Hi :)
    I see you dont like RNG.
    I have a trade thread full of non-RNG Pokemon...
    Do you have good non-RNG Pokemon?
    Id like to trade some stuff then :)
    Ok, I'll edit one into my last post when I drop Bisnis's challenge.

    Good news too: I am less than 10 posts away from my 1000 post shoutout and HG scramble!!!

    You shall be mentioned ^_^
    I can battle today from noon to 4 or after 10:15 pm, and tomorrow right at 3 (but no later than 3:30). Sorry for the limited time but that's why I tried to get in touch right away.

    (all times EST)
    Just got back into town. I know it's after when you said but I'll check anyway. Otherwise we'll squeeze it in when we can.
    Hey, round 7 and whatnot.

    I can battle late tonight, late Friday night or late Sunday night. Let me know which (if any of those) works fro you. Oh, and by tonight, I'm GMT-5 so I mean in 13-15 hours from this post.
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