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  • Time wise I`m under just about the exact same parameters except that I`m in the Eastern Time Zone (EST). Let me know what your Smogon PO name is and I`ll keep an eye out for you. Mine is Texas Cloverleaf or some alt therearounds and I frequent Standard OU or the occasional Gen 4 OU.
    BTW, ToastPlusOne says that I should get that Warning Message ready?
    So do I have to wait before tapping the screen again?
    Is the second timer hits 0, do I have to tap the warning message in the screen?
    But does the frame advance too even after pressing yes in turning on the C-gear?

    But if I turn it on, there's still that Warning message. Do I have to remove it by tapping the touch screen quickly?
    Thanks, have fun wit the event too. ^^ Okay, I'll figure out what kind of IV/EV spread those two have.
    Oh well if you want it back just come back online and you'll get it. x) I don't do anything with this copy and I can copy it again if I happend to need one for some reason.
    Ah okay so you don't need a copy? xd oh well anyway I copied it just in case... ty anyway. ^^
    Me too. I just wonder if you can see me... x_x Yes, it doesn't allow to transfer items. :/
    Ah okay. I'm trying to go connect again and see if you're here. Sometimes it says I'm connected yet I can't see anyone online. <.<
    My Wi-Fi USB connector is failing again <.< I'll boot my laptop again to see if it works.
    That's fine. I've nothing important to do today so around 5-6pm (GMT) is fine. I'll see you then.
    Okay, let's try it that way. :D So I'll send 2 copies to your HG. Which one you prefer, Timid or Modest? I've no idea about that recolator thing, I've never tried it myself...
    Yes, I can clone in both 4 & 5 gen games. :d So you can still keep that Celebi if you want to. I'll clone it in Black since you can't transfer 2 Celebi to White (I guess it's limited because it's "event" and they can be downloaded just once/game).

    Nah I'll do it for free if u don't mind. ;'D

    Mm, let's see. How about in 2-3 hours if it's not too late for you? I'll wait and see if we're online at the same time (I'm living in GMT+2 area so it's 20pm atm). :D
    Hmm, let's try if that works. :D I think you need to have event Celebi in you party to activate the event, the transfer itself won't do that. Can you clone on B/W?

    And yes, I've crown beast trio too...
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