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  • yeah sure, i'm just looking to see if my strategy is horrible or something and what i generally need to change.
    Cya online ;D
    Thank you for giving me some information about how to RNG IV's on HG. Got the 31/31/31/20/31/31 Adamant Shiny Extreme Speed Dratini I was going for and got a flawless Timid Shiny Staryu.
    Good game! Crits and freezes kind of annoying, though!

    Hm, not really many suggestions... Seems quite solid.
    Sure. And if you have any suggestions for my team, please tell me xD. This will be its 2nd battle as it is a new team and could use some tweaks imo.
    Thanks so much for listing your munchlax seed in DMP. That helped a whole lot. I was looking and looking and couldn't find a good seed. Plus, that'll help a ton of people cuz it pretty much works for zong/noir/gross/ and even possibly dos too. You were a huge help. :)
    Dude, that is an AMAZING Munchlax you got on the Pokewalker. I will LITTERALLY offer six credits in my trade thread for an UT version of it.
    I figured the images weren't yours. But you clearly stated your Sapphire cartridge is _black_, which means it's a fake. Hopefully the list of features I gave will let you figure out if your Emerald is genuine (and broken somehow) or fake.
    Your Sapphire is certainly fake. Your Emerald probably is also.

    A genuine Emerald cartridge:

    Is translucent green.
    Has an internal battery in the top left corner as seen from the label side. (The label blocks easy view, but you can just about see it)
    MODEL NO AGB-002
    embossed on the back
    Is held together with a tri-wing screw
    (C) 2002 Nintendo AGB-E05-01
    printed on the PCB just above the contacts, you can see it by looking into the contacts. (The exact numbers may be different, that's what's on my UK cart, but nothing there indicates definite fake).
    Should have some letters and numbers indented into the label.
    May complain that the internal battery has run dry upon startup, but should not give messages like "the saved data has been loaded".
    Was not bought off eBay from a seller with dozens of 'new' Pokemon games listed and shipped with the box folded up and a very small manual ;-)
    Its ok, screw your weevile, i hate that combo so much.....Well, i should have switched to Scizor to take the hit....
    yeah im connecting now. if it happens again lets just call it quits. You would have probably won anyway. I think you won last time lol
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