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  • T.T I am going out tonight and won't be home till midnight. Ill be on all sunday though.
    Skarm has pursuit bravebird whirlwind
    hitmontop has bullet punch fakeout and mach punch
    onix has stealth rocks and block (heavy slam can only be breed to him in 5th :o)
    and cubone has perishsong
    ill be able to trade you the parents tommorrow in the afternoon if i catch you on ;) use this fc diamond :2322 5269 0113
    hey for onix you said you wanted egg moves i supose you wanted stealth rock since your breeding on gen five? Or gen four? If your breeding in gen four he doesn't really need it since its a TM.. other then that i supose I can get one with heavy slam unless you want something odd like block because his egg movepool is somewhat limited. (he learns all the fangs via heartscale as steelix)

    EDIT: anywho let me know. You just need a junk poke with the moves correct?
    Nope, same deal with 5th Gen., I actually don't play at all anymore, but I was reading through VMs and saw you ask. Pretty sure I did but just wanted to make sure.
    Shwheels did I ever post in your thread giving you trade rights for the ghosts I bred for you? If not lemme know i'll do it asap
    Well I have a copy of the PM's we've sent to each other if you want to see them as proof. I'll edit this message when I've decided what to spend them on.

    EDIT: I'll take Milotic,Vaporeon,Jolteon,Umbreon,Raikou and Togekiss
    Shweelz, I believe I have 6 credits on your thread for the AC Items. VM me back to confirm this and I'll chose what to spend them on.
    Whaaaa!?!? I was told it was frustrating and annoying to do >.< Would you mind teaching me if it's not a trouble? Your like one of the only people I've seen breeding in DP xD
    Sorry I was offline, Is there anyway I can get them on Gen 4? Since I would have liked them uncapped. And we will have to trade on Thursday since I'm at a relatives place and have no Wi-Fi access here. I will add our trade on my pendings list on my trade thread.
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