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  • Ah alright, Sounds simple enough :) Thanks, With my adamant spread the other nature I got is serious with the same IVs lol.
    Im not planning on doing it right now since im busy wrapped up still on my current shiny spread but when im done doing my safari catches. still waiting for the guy to call me so I can start using blocks to encounter specific Pokemon. Cause when I restart this cart I want to RNG a bold and timid HP Fire spread. Unless you know how to do it on Platinum also?
    Yup no problem dude :), Also did you RNG both the timid and bold shiny spread on the same cart? If so would you be able to tell me how to RNG multiple shiny spreads?
    Oh no problemo :) When you have enough time to transfer for it then let me know.
    Hey Stephen I been wanting to ask you when I will be distributing your Latias? I havent recieved it yet or know what winners I need to trade her to. If you can let me know then that would be fantastic :)
    Lol yea if you want that blue one best on route 224 since only 1 npc that u can re-battle. Unless of course you want the pink one on Ironworks haha, anyway good luck on your cp = )
    Ah damn, not many Hp fire Gengars around. Thanks heaps as always man!
    Haha! I didn't even notice. Wise choice. I look forward to your next update with all these new 4th gen mons. Are the files good to go?
    Hp Fire disable Gastly
    Hp Fire Staryu
    Sassy Larvitar

    That should be it for now, thanks man.
    YAYAYAYAYAY! Finally you got it :D

    I love Lova Ball Latias :3 But Fast ball could also differentiate it from a Latias caught in Hoenn ;) So you need another reason! xD Good job!
    Nice, I plan to do mine within the next few days. Right now im sketching some egg moves for a few Snivys and Sraggys I plan to RNG next.
    Yea I just need to RNG an adamant and jolly one and then I think im done with them :P, And tomorrow is perfect! I will have internet all day :)
    Frame 9 sounds nice, and 8100 is not that bad! I think anything above 10000 is a really long wait :/ What about your delay for the starter? It's probably higher .-.
    Sure sorry for the late response, Was busy with RNGing this Oshawott. If you arent free then I can get Sigilyph anytime your available.
    Yay! I knew it :3 Are the frames relatively easy to hit (The Method J ones)? And what about the delay for the frame 1?
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