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  • just trying to be superman irl =). shoot me a vm whenever you get this so we can talk about shizz
    Yo. Glad to see more dudes sticking up for Sun and putting those NP: fools in their place. Represent.
    ugh, sorry i don't have a good team yet, are you free anytime this week? if not i'll try to build one real quick...
    alright, cool. i'm gonna change my team around a bit, should be ready sometime this weekend
    IF I ever make it anywhere near pro level (I'll never be olympic stuff, lol), I will definitely talk about the pool shoes and about how wise it is to realize that you don't know everything. it definitely was a learning experience and I'm glad I had it, but still...
    ffffs, the last pro tournament we went to, we got our asses handed to us 3-1, 3-0, and 6-1. it was so embarassing =(,tournoi-de-football-des-u-19,43869.html

    if you look on the sign, it says "le village academy de houston." that's us. we didn't even get to play against marseille, but we met them on the beach and they're super cool. apparently to them I look like alexandre pato ~_~ but yeah our team is really starting to get good now (basically our school recruited a bunch of individual talents 2 years ago and they're just now starting to really play like a team), and I just can't keep up. shape wise yes, but I don't have the time to give in order to be as good as the rest of our guys. this is probably my last year, and I'll probably spend a good portion of it on the bench.

    oh and dear god those pool shoes were a fucking dumbass idea. I ended up with more blisters with them than I did barefoot.

    that's excellent man! I'm really happy for you, like....really ~_~ (I'm bad at this sort of thing too). Anyways, I've been doin the same sort of thing (less pkmn, more life), and I've turned up the running bigtime lately. I might have to drop soccer with the team, since they're also starting to get really good (like, going abroad to professional tournaments with u19 legit club teams) and I just can't keep up on both fronts. Pretty soon this 120 pound left fullback will be more of a liability than an asset =( But you know I still play for fun and high-level play isn't for everybody. But dude I'm super duper happy for you, ya know, vicarious joy and helping others because you suck yourself and all that crap. You da boss (and you're not insignificant)!
    "Hey man bros don't forget about their bros

    Happy birthday!!!! 18 already man I remember when you were 17 and just growing up all on Xat and working your trade thread and man what good times those were. Helping me with teams, arguing with each other, you quitting Serebii and then coming back and then quitting and then coming back and then quitting and then coming back. Well Happy Birthday man and I hope you had a good one and enjoy being 18!!!"

    Thanks much, and that was a blast! xD
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