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  • I swear, anyone that is willing to do my homework (and of course will do it for me) will get a life supply of RNG'ed pokémon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don't know how to do that. I only know how to do the very basics. D: I'd rather learn to do shinies for IVs and in places where I can get GOOD shinies.
    I get either a Litwick or an Elygem, but neither are shiny, and I get the Elygem if I'm one nano second off (This is my estimation).
    yay awesome I understand all of that!! Everything makes more sense when you explain it. ♥

    Yeah I'd like to stick to being lazy, but at the same time I have patience when it comes to some things (like IV breeding... I don't know how I got the nearly flawless things that I managed to get with IV breeding through generations after starting out with a terrible parent at the very beginning... but somehow I did, after lots and lots of patience. There's always just one IV stat that makes the hatchling not worth trading though... O_o)
    I haven't boxed them, they have a silent call. I don't know my parameters, and last time someone tried to help, it didn't work. Still never got that shiny Deino. D:<
    I have successfully did shinies everywhere BUT THOSE TWO PLACES. I know how to Chatter to get what I want, I hit my seed, I do what Chatters I have to and it doesn't work.
    Other post first:

    I recommend using an Everstone but not using Power Items and believe me, even without power items, getting a flawless baby through RNGing can be done pretty fast.

    The Min and Max that were different for other people depens on how much they're willing to walk when it comes to wild RNGing. We're lazy people though, we'll stick to frame 1 for wild and frame 8 for eggs. (I have had no need yet to walk)
    About Step 4. The IV RNG frame is advanced by 8 when you receive an egg. So this is the reason why you need to put it at 8. So basically it's like the starter frame (1) for wild capture RNGing.

    Timer0 can always **** everything up when it comes to RNGing. The problem with breeding is is that it's actually harder to find out wether you hit your seed or not since you also have inheritance. This can be checked easier when using the PID frame but I haven't taught you that yet.

    No they don't cause a frame to shift however Power Items will change inheritance and mess up with RNG Reporter's ability to predict so I don't recommend using them. The Everstone shifts the order of PIDs and changes the synch PIDs to the everstone nature.

    oh oh oh also!! Does using an Everstone or Power Items cause a frame to shift? I read something that mentioned something like this the other day when I tried to research RNG breeding. I forget where I read it ^_^""
    I'm curious about this step:
    Step 4: Set Min and Max frame both to "8".

    What does min/max frame actually do, and how does setting it to 8 help? How do you know to set it to 8 for breeding? I was lurking around on #smogonwifi and they were talking about which min/max frames they use, and it seemed to be a little different for everyone?
    Nope I don't believe ir-gts has ever generated a ribbon for me yet, and it does let me copy items (whatever the Pokemon happens to be holding at the time). Which program do you use?

    That short breeding guide sounds pretty good. Does the Timer0 mess things up, like it can with capturing?

    I can help you EV train things sometimes too (like the Scrafty!). Depends on how much time I have.
    Wellspring Cave (1F-B1F)
    Rumination Field (For the sake of being thorough)
    Relic Castle (1F-B6F)
    Lostlorn Forest
    Chargestone Cave (B1F)
    Celestial Tower (3F-5F)
    Twist Mountain (Cave with Exit to Icirrus City)
    Route 17*
    P2 Laboratory*
    Mistralton Cave (2F-Guidance Chamber)
    Dragonspiral Tower Entrance (North of Icirrus City, not the area with the bridge)
    Dragonspiral Tower Interior (1F-2F)
    Route 9
    Route 10 (South of Victory Road; the third area of the Badge Check Gates)
    Victory Road (1F1, 1F2, 1F3, 2F2, 5F, 7F)
    Victory Road (Exterior)
    Trial Chamber
    Marvelous Bridge
    Giant Chasm (Outside)
    Giant Chasm (Outer Cave)
    Giant Chasm (Inner Cave; including Kyurem’s Cave)
    Challenger’s Cave (1F)
    I do plan on offering everything that I breed/catch myself as UT and EV trained (eventually, after I get around to EV training it..). For things that can only be taught new moves while un-evolved I'll also offer those EV trained yet unevolved, like my Cottonee. :)

    All of the dreamworld Dratini that I'll rng breed will know Extremespeed as an eggmove on the UT versions.
    Actually, I have pretty decent parents to start with for Dreamworld Dratini! Maybe I should practice learning IV RNG breeding using those. There are a few different sets that would be cool to have in our shop, like a bulky one with Roost/Dragon Tail/Thunder Wave/Substitute... or the sort that are made to abuse Hurricane/Thunder in the rain. :3

    edit: fyi, I have a flawless male Dragonite and a near flawless female (3 IV points from flawless). Good to start from? :D
    Hmm.... okay I'll try my best ^_^ Might have to IV breed to get good IVs unless I can figure out how to rng Capture for IVs on a Gen IV game.. since a lot of the DW pokes that I have can't be caught in B/W. I'll figure something out.
    meh... I got as many scenes as I was able in for the combined avi for the work in progress meeting tomorrow... not too many because most of the stuff I've worked on since my computer became messed up and until they got me a new one yesterday is in bits and pieces... not something I feel comfortable showing to get some feedback. O_o''' I'm slowly filling in the gaps to catch back up to my frame mileage.

    I really want to figure out how to RNG breed. There are a bunch of DW 'mon that would be nice to have in our shop, which I have DW females for. Plus since I have access to a good deal of egg moves... rng breeding would be a good thing to be able to do, in order to contribute my own nicely IV'd stuff to our shop that might make it interesting and unique (for offering things that are less common to see). :3
    I can certainly go for parents that are flawless...and I already have flawless Merarubas. :3
    D'oh that sucks about Stealth Rock + dreamworld.. I can try to find a female dw Cradily if you still want one? I don't currently have that one yet but I may have a connection in Bulbagarden who does. :)
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