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  • saw you guys going on about SSF,
    for me on the seed i use my SSF is about the same for every new save for breeding shiny eggs and when i use a ditto i just have to drop the advancements by 1 to hit the frame, so i don't see how they say you have to recalibrate for each new save
    Haha we're too stealthy for our own good, with our crazy ninja ways. Have fun playing video games! If you ever need to go please don't wait for me, I wont mind. ^.^

    I look forward to discussions about characters! :o
    Oh, go to sleep if it's that time again! lol I forget sometimes how late it is for you
    LOLOlolll you made my day.♥
    Hopefully you watch Game of Thrones from the beginning and not from episode 8, since you'll have no idea what's going on XD~
    hold on, check your email in a little bit... I'll vm you when...
    That would be useful as well, especially since I got locked out my own Pokemon Trainer Club account. Send it to if you please. If you need anything in the future, just ask.
    Goddamnit fine :P. Thanks for your help. How do I get your Thundurus off of Pokecheck? I mean, I have queued stuff for the GTS, but I don't see the option off that page...
    I can see it. Are you sure you don't need anything? Charity grinds my gears when I'm on the receiving end.
    If you have it UT, I'd love that. However, I don't like doing things for free. Is there anything you'd like RNG'd? Just keep in mind I don't do shiny captures.
    Oh, beware of spoilers online!! There are billions of people who want to spam the net with "this character dies" and garbage like that. Seriously. o.<#
    baaaahaahahaah I love your prediction! *.* Tell me more o' wise one!

    So far, there are 7 episodes in Season One of Game of Thrones. The 8th episode is going to air this Sunday (CANNOT WAIT!!!!!). I've been reading/rereading the books that the TV series is based on for 10 years now (or just over that). That's how good I feel that it is. :3
    I'm a hardcore fan, but I feel like they're doing the books justice for the most part. Of course, you can fit more in a book than in a season of TV, but it's so nice to take a visual and the actors are incredible. Some of them just nail the characters.
    You must be an oracle. Will I win the lottery? Will I hit my deadline? XD
    There are a good amount of badass gals like that in Game of Thrones (in the book series there are more than in the HBO television series so far, but there will be more gradually). I bet you'd like it. Did I ever send you a trailer for that show?
    My friend in the school Residence had a pet Chameleon, and I helped him shed his skin once because he was itchy. Chameleons are so cute and so weird... O_o Yes, this is a random tangent because I had been writing about the ability Shed Skin... XD
    btw, I used the Scrafty in the battle subway a little, and lol'd when it got frozen twice in a row but thawed instantly both times. I like shed skin.
    Plus, he tends to wake up from Rest instantly too. :3
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