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  • actually, on that Venomoth set I'm not sure if I want 252 EVs in HP or in Sp Atk... I'll have to consider this carefully. In HP might help him switch in to a resisted special move, so that he can (hopefully?) force a switch (racking up entry hazards), and then Sleep Powder the switch in, maybe forcing another switch... then Dance a bit. In special attack means he can sweep a little on his own if the baton pass recipients are down late game.. not sure which I prefer. I'm leaning toward the bulkier one, but he isn't meant to take hits much anyway. I could give him a Focus Sash instead but there's so many Sandstorms out there to ruin his day. Tricky. :3

    I like Venomoth though, for being one of the only two (?) Butterfly-passers in the game and for having a sleep inducing move plus enough coverage in Tinted Lens-Bug Buzz. It's one of those uncommon yet possibly useful quirky 'mon ^_^
    Another thing that I'm working on RNG breeding is a Venonat with the egg move Baton Pass. (It's also getting the egg move Bug Bite, not that it matters but more than one egg move listed might look fancier in our thread ..heh) I'm going to be offering this one UT and EV'd. The finished version will be one of these:
    Venomoth @ Black Sludge
    Timid, Tinted Lens
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Spe / 4 SpAtk
    Sleep Powder
    Bug Buzz
    Butterfly Dance
    Baton Pass

    Is it easier to breed or capture a shiny Pokemon? I'm thinking that at some point I'll make a shiny Venomoth, but I'll probably just do this first one un-shiny to practice RNG breeding in general. Also, how badly do bad IVs actually effect hitting the seed for the desired IV spread? I want to use the same seed that I successfully hit before for the Sigilyph (flawless with atk stat as 10 or 3, I'll try both to get the right ability since that helped for Sigilyph). Will bad IVs on the parents make it harder to get this seed to work?
    I'm waiting to capture my legends when I'm more 'pro' at RNG. It still confuses me quite a bit, and there are some of the legends that I definitely want to be shiny (VIRIZION omg PINK). Practicing on ordinary Pokes is as ambitious as I am for now. ;)
    That sounds like it will be a great Landorus! and congrats on your 3rd shiny Eevee! Are all 3 of them DW Eevees? :D

    I did manage to find a nice HP Fighting 70 seed last night, but it's in 2014 lol... the Pokemon would be from years in the future *_* I'm getting way too perfectionist for my own good, if I was IV breeding I'd be ecstatic about HP Fighting 68, but I want to have 70 if I'm RNGing. lol. In a few years the Poke will look more normal haha. hmm... I suppose I could change it to 2014 to pick up my egg, and then hatch it in the present? I can't recall if it keeps the hatch date or the "egg received" date but I have a feeling it might be the received date.. will have to check on this.
    Cool, I'll have to try that. :)

    I tried rng Breeding a dratini on the train this morning but either my timing was a little off or Timer0 is trolling me again. Dratini takes a while to hatch too, I only got to try it once before I arrived. I've found a lot of decent seeds while looking for a HP fighting 70 seed, like good HP ice/grass/fire/ground/rock/bug/flying/dragon/water 70 spreads. Its odd that it seems the only 70 pwr that I couldn't find was fighting. I found two different HP fighting 68 spreads (31/16/30/30/30/30 and 31/5/30/30/30/30) but no 70pwr ones at all yet. I've gone through every month in 2011 and 2012. O_o

    I watched the comedy sketch, it's fun. :D
    Ahaha perfect!
    Female Sigilyph
    Hatch Location: Skyarrow Bridge
    "Capable of Taking Hits"
    31/x/31/31/31/31 (the similar seed that I mentioned. 10 attack IV isn't so bad)
    ***Magic Guard***woot
    Egg moves: Psycho Shift/Stored Power/Roost (the EV'd version will have Cosmic Power as well, and will carry a Flame Orb to have fun burning stuff. ^.^)

    The next one that I do will be Hidden Power Fighting 70. So far I've only found HP fighting 68 seeds, so I might need to use a funny date... XD
    tammi by any chance can you EV check some pokemons for me? im ev training now but i do not have the codes to check it just online calculators
    (other post first) I'm gonna try it with a very similar seed (though not as good, since the attack stat is higher so if it gets confused it will hurt itself a tiny bit more in confusion hehe... not that it will make much of a difference, but still). Trying a 31/10/31/31/31/31 seed. :)
    I have a question for you...

    I've been working at rng hatching a Timid Magic Guard Sigilyph as my first rng Breed, with the IVs 31/3/31/31/31/31. I've hit my seed perfectly twice now, and both times got a male Timid 31/3/31/31/31/31 Sigilyph, "Often Dozes Off"... with Wonder Skin. :\

    Is it at all possible for the ability to change from Wonder Skin to Magic Guard (or even switch gender, since they both happen to be male as well... they look like clones O_o)when I take a new egg, even though I'm using the same date and time? The way I did this for the two Sigilyph is that I accepted the egg, hatched it, saw Wonder Skin ability, saved anyway, flew back to the daycare, saved in front of the old man again. Then I restarted my game and fixed the date/time, hit my seed, took egg#2 and hatched an exactly identical Sigilyph... even though it was a different egg. Is the gender/ability locked in with this seed?
    OMGeee yes! Episode 8 airs in 5-6 hours from now! Super excited.

    This sequence is drenched in my sweat and blood, is that enough to save me from teh deadline or does it need moar? :o
    Inderdaad leeg, had wel een thread met DPPtHGSS maar die is verwijderd, tijdje geleden ook. Maar ik kan niet RNGen, ik breed op de ouderwetse manier.
    PF staat voor PokemonForum, het nederlandse Smogon zegmaar (naja, kan niet maargoed).

    We zullen elkaar vast nog wel vaker spreken, dus ik voeg je toe :).
    I hate trading other people's Pokemon though, I have like, 3 boxes of stuff I have from Smogon, but I have NO CLUE what the redis rights are on any of it.
    Yay! Cause I have eggs I need to do. So badly, cause people don't like captures anymore apparently, and I just learned! D:
    That sounds a lot simpler than I thought, honestly. How do I get the surrounding seeds to show up?
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