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  • Herp! Derp! This VM stuff is strangely new to me; I'm used to boards with just threads and PMs.
    thanks for the info on breeding, just wanted to make sure, timer 0 is trolling me when i use pokemon from 4th gen games.
    lol thanks, i was going to tell fell i might close it now since it's only 2 people distributing
    I have a list in my thread, if you wanted to take a look and advise me on parents. :3 I do have some from Japan.
    i was reading your post about making your FAQ, you can just add a section to your trade thread whenever you make it about RNG'ing in BW, you can call it the BW noob guides lol
    Mmkay, hopefully I'll be home from my trip at a decent hour, I'm going on a trip with friends today. :3 Enjoy your meal!
    I got distracted from my RNG attempts by the battle subway, and I've become terribly amused by leading in double battles with Amoongus and Breloom... O_o

    It's so cheap yet funny. The rare times that something wakes up and attacks Amoongus, they tend to get put back to sleep by his Effect Spore ability... my current 'strategy' isn't a flawless one or a fair one, but it makes me lul. X3
    the **** was using the wrong MAC address even after we told him to post everything he was doing to find his parameters
    lmao he took up 3 pages and still didn't find anything
    i gave him the MAC RNG video to watch
    lmao he is a bit thick, just tell him to keep catching and inputing the iv's in PPRNG till he finds his parameters or he can watch bearsfan video
    the person you're helping needs to try different times or dates to find the parameters
    It's a combo of me being a natural procrastinator and having an unusual large amount of work this week. I'm going trust me(internet has just been distracting me XD), I'll definitely let you know if I ever need any help.

    PS: You want to beat your friends use Sand+Exca+Chomp, and watch them weep

    *laughs maniacally*
    I understand being grumpy, I'm currently running on my 30th hour of no sleep(work is amazing like that), so I tend to have less patience especially if I feel someone is asking a really really dumb question lol.

    Entralink is definitely the easier of the two as at least you don't have to use a stylus/your finger to hit a yes key(entralink you can hit A). 3rd Gen RNG seems to be getting popular again, so I want to fill in my missing holes.

    As far as standard I've only done 6-7 pokemon, no breeding, and I really didn't mess heavily with the PID as I lack Chatots and haven't reached far enough in the game to transfer(I'll eventually get around to beating it, I'm hooked on DW atm).

    So if you ever need any Gen 4(and maybe Gen 3 eventually) help just shoot me a VM and I'd be glad to help.
    Yea there really isn't anything I haven't done 4th gen RNG, and if I don't have the answer I usually test it out myself. I like to help because when I was first starting I remember I was so confused and the information was overwhelming, luckily there were people like Winters and Toast to help me out. 5th gen is pretty easy(at least regular standard seeds) which is a welcomed break from 4th gen. Though I still like hitting Entralink/C-gear abuse seeds every now and again.

    Its great that you and others are giving advice for 5th gen as some people seem helpless, I tend to stray from giving advice as I'm not as fined tuned on all the workings 5th Gen.

    Now all I have to do is learn 3rd Gen(which seems simple enough) and then I'll open a thread(which is odd cuz I don't really "want" anything, rather just to offer my stuff to others).
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