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  • I actually read it as Tam Migo, but now that you say tammi it makes sense.

    I have to agree on the anime girls part lol
    wait... is there a way to make Blog entries on Smogon? There's a blog option on Bulbagarden and the Bulba forums used to be almost identical to the Smogon forums in terms of format...
    If they don't want your FAQ in the forums, you could post it as a blog entry and pass out the link to your blog entry FAQ when people ask questions. This could work too, since a personal blog is what you choose to make of it, and you wouldn't be sending people to other Pokemon sites. :)
    I just searched through three months, no results.. then I realised that since moving to a different computer, I hadn't put my TID and SID in xD.. explains a lot :L. Thanks for your help anyways :).
    You have a tendency to explain things in a way that they make a lot more sense, so I don't see any harm in you starting up a FAQ! If the mods don't like it they can always close it down. You could probably send one of them a message giving them a heads up that you're doing this if you want, but I think it should be okay (and way helpful!). You could just send people to the link when they ask one of the questions. ^_^
    Or we just do both sets XD Copy the thing and EV train them ^^ I would go for the Bold One. I'm creating an entire Baton Pass team ;)

    - Durant: (e)Thunder Fang/ Iron Head/ X-Scizzor/ Hone Claws/ (e)Baton Pass
    - Gorebyss: Shell smash + Baton pass
    - Eeveelution with boosting move and baton pass
    - etc.

    I'm thinking of a core consisting of Scrafty + Chandelure or maybe a Landorus + Azumarill core. Any core that contains a Sp. Atk'er + Atk'er that resist eachother weaknesses.

    I have other pokemon that I like but they don't have really good synergy with a lot of pokemon :(

    When using Landorus, I can put Vaporeon and Gorebyss (shell smash + baton pass) in the team.

    Ooh, Starmie + Durant would also make a nice core ;)
    (other post first)
    If you use special attack/speed on a moth it should probably hold a Focus Sash, in case something wakes up and one shots it (weather can mess with this of course..). If it runs HP/speed I think it might take resisted attacks better to switch in (more opportunities?), or might survive a weaker hit from something waking up, and it should probably run Black Sludge to get some health back while it dances so that it will have another opportunity to switch back in later on something it resists.. I guess Life Orb could work if you switch Moth in when something faints, sleep powder, dance, pass or get taunted and start attacking with your life orb butterfly danced unresisted Bug Buzz.. Not much would outspeed this bug after a dance or two, which should help it Baton Pass the boosts or help it if it has to sweep on its own. Should be interesting to try out! One thing's for sure: 252 speed.
    As for the Venomoth set, there's a Smogon analysis that recommends 252hp/252speed, and lists Leftovers as a hold item (why not use Black Sludge instead, to mess with some Trick users?). There's a Wishmkr analysis that lists 252spAtk/252speed with a Life Orb.
    I might just try to get a hold of a better breeding parent for the Venonat. I'll check Seed (Hex) when I'm at home again to see if it's in there, but better parents might fix my problem... one of the Venonats that failed has 3 flawless stats and 3 non-flawless, so now that I think about it... it probably would have been my correct seed and it's just the bad parents that messed it up. Wow rng capturing is so much less complicated O_O

    I shall try to get better parents. Maybe I'll use the failed Venonat as a parent since it's triple flawless thanks to RNG, and I'll rng breed another parent from him. At least rng breeding speeds up the IV breeding process a bit. Normally it would take forever to get just 3 flawless IVs from really bad IV'd parents.
    Mayyyybe it's my bad IVs on the Venonat's parents that are causing it to look like Timer0 is trolling, meanwhile I'm just getting 3 random stats from the bad IV parent... that stinks XD

    Funny, my Sigilyph parents were great but not flawless, yet I still got a near flawless spread nearly right away. How will I know if it's Timer0 giving me a hard time, or the IV parents :O

    I will share the Venomoth with you right away when I have it! :D
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