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  • good game man . i thought i was done for , good thing mismagius came in for me . and just a tip , using waterfall over surf gives swampert the abillity to hit both physical and special sweepers. because surf made you lose , but great game ! :D , we should have a rematch another day . :D
    I made an error on my giveaway.
    The shiny aipom or weavile you have now will not have technician when it evolve or shiny sneasel isnt jolly. please just vm me to trade. Please keep the other aipom or sneasel as an apology.
    Please vm me back.
    well i steal it from my neighbors and theyre moving, and i dont have a job anymore, so more than likely yea ;/
    im coming on now, if you need some more tms just ask, although i might lose my wifi pretty soon.
    sure, ready to head online?
    and you will want to keep the drapion and stantler i trade you, there the ones from my thread ;]
    alright i got everything except brightpowder, because idk where the hell to find it lol, whats one more thing you need?
    ha its totally cool bro, ive only had my ar for like 2 weeks so i know how it is, which tms you need? and do you need any like leftovers, life orbs or choice items?
    nah its no trouble, you need any other tms?
    we can do another trade with 6 fodder pokes so you can get any six tms you need ;]
    nph has it so gotta get with him about that but ifhe sends you my way I do have a copy to give but not ATM I'm at scool and I'm Gunna be here awhileo
    what luck on my part ;]

    ill pick it up whenever you want to pick up vena... now maybe?
    ahaha wow you just made it, just because of your dedication to the sticky green, you are the secret 7th winner ;]
    can you come online now?
    Unfortunately, I don't remember much about your team since last night, but I was intrigued by your lead. What exactly does it do? All it seemed to do was provide a poor sense of an anti-lead role. Many leads in OU tend to carry U-Turn, and my Uxie had no Atk EV's and yet it OHKO'ed it. So I would either give it a Sash or change it to another lead. That's all I remember. :D
    See you on. FYI I might have to go soon, so sorry if I DC or Run. I have to go work soon so let's make it quick.
    Haha, definently! Are you going to participate in an activity for the giveaway, or are you content with your fast-posting skills~?
    Kinda sorta. I don't really even know. I've had a bad day, got kind of pissed, and was just like, "You know what? Screw it." So I'm offering up everything I've got and we'll play it by ear :D
    sorry, but Kevin is already EV training that charizard :( I'll go RNG something for you to EV in the next week so that everything isn't taken :p
    Thedude i didnt have an old profile name this is my first one i started juat a while ago on smogon not to competetive battling but yeah
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