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  • Oh hey :)

    We zijn eigenlijk nog heel levendig, zo hebben we bijvoorbeeld meegedaan aan zo'n Europees kampioenschap ding (maar vele van onze verloren jammer genoeg de interesse door een slecht organisatie) en ook IRC is nog heel actief.

    Maar ik vindt je idee wel leuk en origineel, post maar een berichtje in de Social Group (het is niet nodig om een "nieuwe" groep op te richten imo), dan kunnen de anderen ook hun gedachte zeggen.

    Leuk dat je terug bent ;)
    Aan je naam had ik al door dat je nederlandstalig was ^^
    We spraken al 2 jaar geleden met elkaar voordat ik dat doorhad, lol
    If we get accepted, Piriki will automatically make a logo/ banner, so I don't think it's needed. You can contact him though if you have any ideas. ^^
    Lol I've coasted through this tourney on activity wins. I'm CST and available pretty much anytime tomorrow and after 4 CST on weekdays.
    Sorry, I was making sure I had a team for the tour then, but I'm ready when you are now.
    GMT +10. i'm pretty active on the weekend so hopefully we won't have too much trouble
    I'll most likely be on during the Tour today. That time is within the hours you gave me so we should be fine.
    Will you have any time tomorrow to play our match? If we don't play we'll get coinflipped.
    Okay, we need to finish our match for the tourney. I'll try to be on at 11:30 (8:30 your time) to 12 (9:30 your time). Please contact me if you have problems with this time, and if so, then we have to schedule for Sunday. I'm currently on Spring Break and can be available at any time providing you give me some notice.
    We need to battle for the NU Tourney sometime. I'm GMT-6 and on basically every night. Let me know when you're ready to play.
    Alright, then can you go on at 9:30 PM (12:30 my time) on Sunday? If not, then we need to schedule the battle for next weekend.
    I'm your opponent for on a clear day you can see forever tournament. My GMT is -8, and I'll mostly be available on weekends. Can we set a time for the match?
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