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Maki's Money-Saving Market!
[Purchase temporarily halted]

Are you looking for cheap, quality teams for the unexplored Generation 8 Meta? If so then, welcome to Maki's Money-Saving Market! Here, we offer budget teams of your choosing, approved by the irrelevant me.

Express Order | 2-3 Days | 15 Kyubits | 3 viable teams where I build around pokemon of your choosing

Deluxe Order | 2-7 Days; May be delayed due to Premier League | 50 Kyubits | 3 Quality teams where I build around pokemon of
your choosing, with added benefits of a spreadsheet explaining matchups as well as obscure matchups

More to be added.

Waiting Queue

Deluxe Order - smely socks | Completed
Deluxe Order - M24 | Completed
Express Order - VG
Deluxe Order - Eriey
Express Order - zxgzxg
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