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Project 1v1 Shopfront


Banned deucer.
give 100 kyubits to pqs

then evenly spread the rest 72 across numbers #1-72 on the kyubit board thing

e: give 1 kyubit to each of these users
187 Fan----------------------------| 709
AllFourtyOne-----------------------| 625
Arai-------------------------------| 371
ayedan-----------------------------| 337
Baleblaze--------------------------| 0
Blazikin---------------------------| 546
blondesasukeuchiha-----------------| 219
Boat (phiwings99)------------------| 141
Cantius----------------------------| 1064
DannyDoritos-----------------------| 100
DenisTheMenace---------------------| 289
DezShizzels------------------------| 485
Djokra-----------------------------| 1315
dom--------------------------------| 69
Elo Bandit-------------------------| 293
Eriey------------------------------| 706
ExplodingDonkey--------------------| 399
Felucia----------------------------| 30
Freddy Kyogre----------------------| 154
FunInDaSun-------------------------| 50
GeneralGunderson (WhyDoWeExist?)---| 226
ggopw------------------------------| 725
Gym socks-(Osra stop bullying)-----| 1085
I'm actually Cash------------------| 144
Inkreativ--------------------------| 795
Iron Crusher-----------------------| 556
James155---------------------------| 567
Jirachirelia-----------------------| 418
Joker 1v1--------------------------| 934
Jynx Nuggets-----------------------| 782
Kaif-------------------------------| 1636
kjdaas-----------------------------| 0
Lancer Fr--------------------------| 50
Lkjc-------------------------------| 153
lost heros-------------------------| 610
LittleRunnerXC---------------------| 1032
M24 (malcolm24)--------------------| 357
Maki's Fox-------------------------| 823
maxy1991991------------------------| 787
neomon-----------------------------| 795
Notater----------------------------| 520
PartMan----------------------------| 246
plant based------------------------| 584
Poison Adhesive (1500 and higher)--| 301
Pokesartoolcay---------------------| 316
power------------------------------| 219
pqs-(Coiln)------------------------| 634
RaJ.Shoot--------------------------| 787
Robyn------------------------------| 1135
Rosa-------------------------------| 1858
ryyjyywyy--------------------------| 1564
Siglut-----------------------------| 274
smely socks------------------------| 450
SolarflareRo-----------------------| 136
sporeiscool69----------------------| 319
Squirtell 1v1-(Spooktell!)---------| 3086
stableprince569--------------------| 162
Synonimous-------------------------| 118
ThatCabbageGuy-(Jabiru)------------| 985
TheShadowClaw----------------------| 546
THIS MACHINE (niccccc/nnicc)-------| 489
Tol--------------------------------| 56
WailJesus--------------------------| 361
Wanonymous1616---------------------| 546
Waylaid----------------------------| 219
Whaleeeee--------------------------| 452
Yami-------------------------------| 253
zioziotrip-------------------------| 0
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Ladder has been kinda ignored for a while so..
Suggestion: every month the top 5 players of ladder are awarded Kyubits!
Either on a leaderboard basis (1st gets 250, 2nd gets 200, 3rd gets 150 etc.) or on an Elo basis (you get kyubits equal to your Elo/10 + your GXE)

but then you'd also need a way to spend kyubits hmmm...
What about a !customcommand on TIBot or Scrappie? I don't quite recall which one's Mez's
A normal text command similar to .overpay, maybe one that regular users can use as well (maybe they can use it once a day? idk)

These suggestions are more of a concept than an actual thing but they seem cool enough. Also we could make Rosa's hug roulette a kyubit related thing? If she wants? Or maybe its better to leave it like a fun gimmick? Idk man it's 2 am don't blame me if I speak nonsense

Le Creme Brule

riding the wave to the land of dreams
is a Pre-Contributor
Highly Epic Kyubit Shop by Me

I will sell you kyubits!

For 5 kyubits, you pay me 7 kyubits
For 10 kyubits, you pay me 14 kyubits
For 15 kyubits, you pay me 21 kyubits,
For 20 kyubits, you pay me 28 kyubits

For each of these tiers, I will say hello to you for 1 day. (If you buy 20 kyubits, I will say hello for 4 days)

If you pay 2 extra kyubits on the 20 kyubit deal, I will cheer for you in PL unless you’re against a Dustox.

This shop is very legit. This is not a scam, all terms and conditions have been laid out.

There are no unfair marketing practices here.

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