2013 International Challenge -January- [RANKINGS RELEASED]

A new Global Battle Union tournament is about to begin. Register at the Pokémon Global Link soon!

Start training for a new GBU tournament! Compete in the 2013 International Challenge January tournament from January 25–28. Registration opens January 17. This Wi-Fi Competition includes players from across the globe, so you can test your team against the best!

The 2013 International Challenge January features Double Battles, where all Pokémon over Lv. 50 are automatically reduced to Lv. 50 while participating. It is open to nearly every Pokémon in the National Pokédex, so check the rules to see which Pokémon are eligible before registering. Trainers who played in the 2012 VGCS Winter Battle should be familiar with most of the rules.
This is the first Nintendo Wi-Fi tournament of the year, and like the last International Challenge is open to all trainers around the globe, so this is a great opportunity to test your news VGC2013 teams. This time the berry to be distributed is the Jaboca Berry, and like the last GBU Tournament participants will be divided in age divisions, but this time there will be Three divisions. Keep in mind that this Tournament is for B2/W2 cartridge ONLY, so go get your Black2/White2 games right now!

Pokemon.com info about the Tournament
Info of the Tournament on PGL
Gonna enter again, with the same team I used in the Winter Battle. But before that I need a new Milotic, the one I used has meh defense IVs.


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We'll see how much I end up playing in this, but hopefully enough to get some decent CP.

Playing as Biosci from Hawaii ofc with trainer message "BIG PECKS is the reason for VICTORY"
Tommy from California
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Cresselia / Conkeldurr / Metagross / Thundurus-I / Hydreigon / Tyranitar
Blank from North Carolina.

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Keep a lookout for me! :)

Here's to many good games and no DCing punks.


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Joe from North Carolina

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GL to everyone competing. And may the DC's be scarce.


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Completed two battles already. If a Trainer from California named Felix happens to be looking at this, good match! Was quite a tense battle, one that I would've likely lost if it wasn't for Rock Slide hax.
So far completed 9 battles and lost 3 of them (1 of them somehow ended as a D/C after I forfeited). Trainer name is Masa :D.



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Although I haven't fought you in the tourney (at least not yet), I did battle you once on RM. Remember this battle? 71-64051-18372 :)

But getting back on topic. I've played through 10 matches so far. 7 Wins and 3 Losses. Not a single DC yet, which makes me very happy. Guess people did learn from the 2012 VGCS Winter Massacre.

I'm also collecting videos from the tourney, which I'll likely post in mass quantity once the tournament ends.

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