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hello it's me not az but i am posting on behalf of az
here is azlocke it is an effort of love because

[9:32pm] az: my computer crashed twice
[9:32pm] az: saving it

Awesome chapter. I can't believe you've gotten to cerulean city, you've really made some progress man. I actually forgot about the following sequence (what the fuck is bill doing there? why is misty not in her gym, etc) and when I remembered it hit me like a garbage truck and felt... really nostalgic. And good god, you really nail jokes. They're meta, but not in your face (I actually laughed when Misty pointed out that Red only "got there" because of his starters type advantage, which is so fucking true.)

You've gotten really good at drawing action panels. At this point, I look forward to Az locke about the same as I look forward to a regular manga. Hope I'm not pressuring haha.

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yo money where did all this come from aaaaaa
these are all sick dude, love the ff tactics guys a lot
is that new smogcraft spawn there too?
you gotta finish these man
really like the alice in wonderland stuff as well


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just assorted scraps from the last couple of months

i work slow and disparately and never finish anything everrrr haha ugh

thanks very much though :)) i'm rly glad you knew it was fft off the bat; i stuck real close to the designs and style in the concept art

the one at the top was a sketch i made when we were bouncing around ideas for the new spawn yeah; i wanted a town that existed in "smogcraft canon" that was many generations down the line from last stand beach, with testificates and humans in co-existence

i'll do my best but GOD i suck at finishing anything

here's the next in the alice series:

Swaggersaurus, I have a serious problem.

Make sure it's easy to scroll down the page, without the page jumping up due to all the amazing artwork being mass produced.
Great stuff, my favorite picture is the R-B-G ensemble picture, i'd love to see that finished copy. Digging the FFT pictures, i've always been partial to that drawing style.

when i read the posts in this thread i get a smile that hurts

you guys are way too kind to me
Don't be like that man, bask in the love


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you guys :)

courtneyyyy!! hahahaha bless you you are crazy! don't cry!!

i'm not stopping any time soon i swear

EVEn when it is super frustrating v__
Oh my god how did I miss the finished Alice in wonderland pieces they are so great, I love the colours you used for shading, it really makes them work, kinda reminds me of nj's shading colours so that is a very good thing!!!
Keep arting please!!

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