yay for azlocke!! Thanks az!! :DDD

kiki ;_;

make sure sandshrew doesn't faint! O:< jkjk This is reminding me so much of the RBY comics @_@ hope to see the next one soon-ish :)
This is amazing! I like the white shadow behind the girl lol, that and how the music notes are in the shadow too - such a cool little detail :P


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ty both!!

the white thing i kinda literally just did at the last minute but i actually think it kinda "makes" it hahaha so weird

anyway i sketched a sketch for azlocke

i kinda like doing these like, peripheral supporting things for azlocke i might do some more

also maybe a logo or something?? idk

anyway bye!!
Dude, the bw2 drawing is so fucking rad. I love how you draw characters.

And nice balloon/pokeball drawing, too! Your comic style is always amazing.
hngggggggh I absolutely love the hues you used for the shading on the bw2 girl; the actual slight change in hue makes the piece have that much more depth :)
Oh and the highlights you have are great too, they're not obnoxiously large or anything they're just right.
And no matter how last minute those white shadows were, they really work and make it like.... full of depth or something idk they're just really good :)
The color on the BW2 girl drawing makes it look a 100X better.

Also the AZ locke sketch is not only awesome, but its got me pretty excited for the next chapter (no rush though, I am in no way putting pressure on you!!)

Wait a minute... chapter 6 is out? OH SHI-

Reading this now.

EDIT: Done. Goddamn, it's like a comic / manga, with awesome fight scenes and flashbacks included. I can't stress, but you really nailed it when you gave Red a persona. Your Red is probably one of my favorite nuzlocke characters of all time because of that, and i'm really eager to see his interactions with Blue & Green.

Poor Pikachu :o
Yesh azlocke art!!!! Ahhh liking that sandshrew already @_@ can't wait to see venusaur :D

Drawing in black and white seems cool! It sure has the comic feel!!


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ty all!!

i am blocking really hard at the moment so it is especially gratifying to have feedback of any kind in this thread

i'm glad the people following azlocke are still enjoying it, too!!

i've been feeling not so ____ but i did a ____

God az your nuzlocke is so badass

Also you have a super good eye for anatomy and proportion! That's something I struggle with a lot so I find it really impressive!

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