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Magnezone can be equipped with Choice Specs to further boost its already massive Special Attack. Thunderbolt badly damages anything that doesn't resist it. Flash Cannon is your best weapon against and Tyranitar, while Hidden Power Grass will deal severe damage to most Ground-types attempting to switch into Magnezone. Finally, Explosion allows Magnezone to go out with a bang when low on health, and also comes with the bonus of maiming Blissey and Snorlax switch-ins.
I think either something goes there, or it's "a" instead of "and."

Although Heatran can hit hard after using Metal Sound, he usually will not obtain the KO as some of his common counters, such as Starmie and offensive Suicune, will outspeed and threaten him. In order to remedy this situation, Heatran can use Passho Berry so he can withstand a hit before securing the KO. If you do decide to go with Passho Berry then Dragon Pulse is recommended over Earth Power to secure the KO on Latias. Without Earth Power, Heatran has no need to tie with opposing Heatran, so he can drop some of his Speed EVs for HP EVs. An ideal spread to use with this Heatran lure would be Modest and 88 HP/ 252 SpA/ 168Spe. The spread is offensive enough to secure an OHKO on Defensive Calm Mind Latias while also being bulky enough to survive a Choice Specs Surf. In addition, this spread allows you to survive a Timid Life Orb Hydro Pump from Starmie and easily KO back with Hidden Power Grass off of its –2 Special Defense. Heatran also withstands a Hydro Pump from Offensive Suicune and OHKOes with Hidden Power [Grass] after Stealth Rock damage with Sandstorm in play. He can also outspeed the standard CroCune and 2HKO her. This spread is also fast enough to outrun max speed Adamant Scizor and any Magnezone attempting to outspeed that same Scizor. Although, the suggested spread provides a decent amount of bulk for Heatran that helps with mid-game survivability, there are other options that can be used. You could opt to use 224 Speed EVs which is enough to outspeed defensive Zapdos, defensive Celebi, Tyranitar, and Calm Mind Jirachi or you could opt for more bulk and simply settle for outrunning Crocune which would require a mere investment of 80 Speed EVs
As I recall, Latias has been banned to Ubers, so there is no need to mention Latias as a threat in the OU metagame.

I'm too lazy to check the other articles, but I'm going to bet that there are a bunch that should be checked for instances of Latias being a threat.

On the UU lead set there is the following sentace " The nature and Speed IV allow it to be slower than all Snover, so that sandstorm takes precedence over hail if the two leads are opposing each other."

However to find out what speed IV is required the person has to click the Team Optins and additional comments tab then read to the second to last line.

Alright, I know this is very trivial as almost no one probably looks at it anymore, but one of Snorlax's G/S movesets is completely wrong.
The Belly Drummer set relies on Snorlax setting up by using lovely kiss. As far as I know, Snorlax has never learned lovely kiss, and neither has anyone else other for Jynx.
Even if I'm wrong, and somewhere along the line he did learn it, this says other wise:


Again, it's very trivial, but I figured I'd contribute.

eric the espeon

maybe I just misunderstood
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Lovely Kiss is a NYPC event move, so is perfectly legal on GSC Snorlax (though some have called it broken). And it's not trivial, please bring this kind of thing up in future.

Choice Specs set

This set takes advantage of Gardevoir's excellent Special Attack stat, and good movepool. Psychic is a good reliable STAB move than will OHKO Heracross and Lucario, both of whom are also outsped, provided they aren't running a Speed boosting nature.
... good reliable STAB move than will OHKO Heracross ...
revision: ... good reliable STAB move that will OHKO Heracross ...

EDIT 2: removed Edit 1.

I'd like to add this part about Scizor:

"Scizor can also utilize U-turn on the Swords Dancer set. While it may seem peculiar to use a move that forces you to lose your boosts on a set-up Pokemon, it can be a great scout early game. It will allow Scizor to meet its counters early game, and effectively wear them down for a Bullet Punch sweep later."

On the Drapion set "Choice Band"


Night Slash is listed as the basic Dark-type move.

Is it used instead of Crunch because of breeding restrictions associated with Pursuit or Ice Fang? Is it used for the one-in-eight chance of Sniper nailing a weak point? If no and no, then Crunch should be listed, as it has 10 more base power.
The Drapion analysis is currently being rewritten. Crunch is slashed in with Night Slash in its analysis.

deluge said:

Kecleon still sucks but it got Recover in HGSS.So the Sleep Talk set analysis is a bit antiquated now especially in saying that it lacks instant recovery.

I'm not sure how anlayses are written for these Pokemon nobody uses (there is no analysis C&C section) but if it's permissible to simply remove the outdated phrase that would work.

Sprinkles said:
I want to add a thing in Tyranitar's optional changes about a mixed set with SR in the lead position.

"A mixed Tyranitar in the lead position can be a viable option, effectively setting up Stealth Rock while providing excellent wall-breaking capabilities throughout the early stages of the match. Azelf is easily beaten by Tyranitar's Dark move of choice, while the abundance of Steel-types can be beaten with Flamethrower / Fire Blast. Ice Beam is a valuable choice to hit Gliscor, while Hidden Power Grass could be a reliable move to hit Swampert and bulky Waters for reasonable damage."

Snorlaxe said:

can we change the "standard" set's name to "defensive"? it isn't exactly standard anymore, scarf rotom-h is much more common from my experience.
Broken for sure.
I was just confused for the most part because he wasn't listed in the pokemon that learned Lovely Kiss. I knew something was wrong, thanks for the clarification.


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Walrein Analysis - a few changes relating to a suggested change of mine that has recently been accepted (spread change to 0 spd)

With Toxic Spikes support, Walrein can afford to drop Toxic from its moveset. However, you may still want to hold onto it to enable Walrein to poison Flying and Levitating enemies, specifically Gyarados. If you decide to dispense with Toxic, you have a couple of useful options to use in its place. Roar works if your team is in need of a phazer, and it also has applications more specific to this set. First of all, you can shuffle another opponent in to let Toxic Spikes take hold. Secondly, you can prevent Skarmory from Whirlwinding your Substitute away by Roaring him out first. Roar will also mean that Gyarados cannot simply Dragon Dance in Walrein's face, and will force it to take even more residual damage upon re-entry. Earthquake is a great choice to hit Poison-types coming in to absorb Toxic Spikes, thus ruining your set up. It also helps to wear down Steel-types, who are also immune to poison and can generally make nuisances of themselves.

This never really could realistically be done, but since now the spread has been changed, this sentence is pretty incorrect. Replacing Skarmory with Swampert and Whirlwind with Roar would work perfectly well, or it could be mentioned that you can only do this with significant speed investment.
Not sure where to post this but this seems to be the most appropriate thread.

In the Venusaur analysis, the fourth paragraph of the Mixed Attacker set mentions Cresselia -- now BL -- as a counter. I believe the set was written with UU usage in mind, not OU, so that mention of Cresselia should be removed.


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Empoleon analysis, lead set (again)

The Rotom Appliances is generally a good partner with Empoleon
Either "Rotom-A is generally a good partner to Empoleon" or "The Rotom Appliances are generally good partners to Empoleon." I feel "to" is better than "with" particularly in the case of the second suggestion, which could make it sound like you should use more than one Rotom forme together as partners. This is of secondary importance though.
About Flash Fire: "Grants immunity to Fire-type moves and increases Fire-type move's power 50% when hit by a Fire-type move."

Should have move's changed to moves', as more than one fire type move gets boosted. If "move" must be singular, it needs an article, so a Fire-type move's would be correct as well.


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Shaymin analysis - Choice Specs
As with any Choice Specs user, Shaymin can effectively make use of Choice Scarf as a surprise as well.
There is now a scarf set in the analysis, so suggesting it as a surprise gimmick is not a good idea. Also, some specs users make awful scarfers (e.g Lucario) so this entire sentence should be removed.


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The table for the base stats has an additional dash in the top left.
Don't see what you're talking about.

A tiny mistake at the end of the sweeper set:

Potential Baton Pass recipients should be adept at taking on Scyther's common counters, so using a Fighting-type like Hitmonlee or Hitmontop or a Ground-type like Rhyperior or Torterra is recommended.p>
The MixLead Swampert set says Ice Beam will keep Mence at bay and will do passable damage to Celebi. Don't rely on it two much on the later two. It should be the later one since it refered to Latias who is now UBER.

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