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When I am challenged to, or when I challenge someone else to, a Random Battle, I accept the invite, but the battle never starts. Has anyone else had this issue?
My question is on the move metal burst.

Does this move work just like counter, and mirror coat rolled into one, but except this time the speed of the pokemon using the move count?
Just a few QQ's

1. Does anyone know how to make a leaderboard ? Like the coding and what not?

2. How does one go about getting a server added to the welcome window of shoddy.

Thanks in advance. ^^
If you want to make a server where you'd play as a team from a romhack (something where the entire pokedex is replaced with others), how would you do that?

I'm asking on behalf of those of us on Pooshlmer, so...
When I download NetBean, it says I don't have an IDE and doesn't let me continue with the installation. What do I do?
Does anyone know how I can keep Shoddy Battle in my dock on a Mac?
Unfortunately, I don't think you can. When I try to open Shoddy from the dock, I get a Terminal window running a script, but Shoddy doesn't load. Just make a shortcut on the desktop, I guess. Can anyone answer my question from earlier;
When I am challenged to, or when I challenge someone else to, a Random Battle, I accept the invite, but the battle never starts. Has anyone else had this issue?
And sorry if I am asking again too soon :)
How do I make a shortcut for it?
Find Shoddy battle on your computer. Then, right-click on it and choose 'make Alias'. This creates a file with the same icon, but a small arrow in the bottom left. Move this to your desktop, or the right hand side of your dock. This is your shortcut.
However, I have found that it is possible to add shoddy to your dock. Just Drag and Drop Shoddy Battle ontot he right side of your Dock. It will stay there, and launches Shoddy battle when clicked on.
whenever I try to log on shoddy battle,I type in my username and password but it always says that my password is wrong.
You need to register first, there is another tab to the right of the login tab, labeled "Register. Click this tab type in your desired username and password in the appropriate boxes, and press ok or whatever the button says. Then, go back to the login tab and try to login again, using the same username and password you just registered with.

Note that this name and password do not have to match your name and pass here on smogon, the two aren't interconnected.
Is Shoddy 2 going to move speed to the end of the stats (like the cartridge games), or leave it in the middle?
I have a 1GB traffic limit in my college room, would playing Shoddy Battle for extended periods of time mean that I was in danger of breaching this?

Also, how big is the download?
Whenever I battle with the CAP Pokemon, they're always shown as '?'. So my question is: Where do you upload their sprites? (including the new Collosoil)

Edit: Nevermind - I handled it in the end.
okay so we just got a new TU server and it seemed to be working fine and all but none of the member can talk there messages just dont show up. the mods and admins can talk though so is this something like Voice on IRC?
I still need help solving my shoddy battle problem, now I'm able to launch shoddy battle but the servers all read 0 out of the max number of players allowed in the server, can anyone help me at all? I have the latest version of java installed and am still having trouble, thanks if you can help.
@Shelcario: Try running Shoddy with your firewall turned off. I had the same problem and it was being caused by firewall issues. Even if you've allowed java, which I had, it is still something you can try to fix your problem.
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