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Anyone knows if that "pre-evolution stone" item affects Phione?
Phione doesn't evolve into Manaphy. So, no.

2 Questions about Ditto and Blaziken;
Do their abilities both activate as soon as they are introduced into a battle? No no need for Protect, and no need for Transform taking up a turn. Is that how it works now?
Where can I find the Ice Beam TM? (Or any other ice move for that matter, I'm going up against the 8th gym, but don't want to train up one of those Ice Cream cones)
Are Pokemon with Plat/HG/SS Move Tutor moves (such as Gengar with Pain Split) allowed for Wifi battles in B/W? I've heard they aren't, which would really suck.
No, it is not. B&W transfer machine and Pokéshifter are region locked.

Seriously, when it comes to transferring, can you not just wait until the English release?

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Is the Soul Dew obtainable? If so, where is it?

To clarify: the item itself may or may not be in the game code, but since items can't be transferred, the only way to obtain the Soul Dew would be in-game. However, I don't remember anyone reporting ever seeing it. If the Soul Dew can't be obtained, I'm pretty sure you know what that means.

Walls = Barrier, Light Screen...
I think you mean Reflect instead of Barrier, unless I'm missing something huge and Barrier isn't a run-of-the-mill Defense-sharply-rose move anymore.

So guys , how do I get substitute and get inside the Dream world ?
Don't know about Substitute, but the Dream World is a website and its servers crashed on something like the day of the release. It's still not back.

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This could be too early, but I wanna know some things before I'll be certain if the Black/White version is worth buying...

1.) About RNG abusing... is there anyway to determine your seed, advance frames, etc.? Is it even harder than in 4th Gen?
2.) About breeding... are there more than one wandering NPCs in the area?
3.) If Zekrom/Reshiram is defeated (instead of capturing) the first time you encounter it, does it reappear later on? (just like in 4th Gen, by beating E4 again)
3.) If Zekrom/Reshiram is defeated (instead of capturing) the first time you encounter it, does it reappear later on? (just like in 4th Gen, by beating E4 again)
I have been eharing it respawns as soon as it dies until you capture it. Not 100% sure but thats what i have been told
Which pokemon would be considered some of the best leads with the advent of the 5th generation?

And another question, is how does Gyro Ball work with the Iron Ball item? Does it use your speed before or after the speed drop? If I was to give it to Nattorei and use Gyro Ball against a base 60 speed pokemon like T-Tar, would it calculate the BP as 25*(20/60)=75, or as BP 25*(10/60)=150?

If the latter, would it be worth it to give Nattorei Iron Ball over Spiked Helmet or Shed Shell?
Shed Shell is fairly useless atm as Shadow Tag Chanderra is unobtainable currently.
Also, Nattorei has 30 base speed, not 20. Also, use actual stats instead of base stats or your calcs will be way off.
Beat Up's listed Base Power has been changed to 1, which denotes a move whose damage is calculated in a special way (see also: Low Kick). Have we determined how the damage for Beat Up is calculated now?
Does anyone know what Extreme Risk does? Staraptor learns it at level 57. I'm hoping it takes advantage of its newly found Reckless ability.

Do anyone know when the items thats for sale in black city changes? Cause according to serebii the trainers and the selection of items are suppose do change every day, but I still battle the same trainers and the items available doesn't change either. :/
In case anyone else has been curious like I've been, apparently someone on Bulbagarden has the answer:

Sketch on Bulbagarden Forums said:
Also, Spiky Ear'd Pichu CANNOT be PokeShifted.
Looks like ol' SEP has only one important use: To sit in our parties as everything else of note or use is PokéShifted to Isshu, never to return.


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Excuse me if I'm asking a silly question, but when do you think Smogon will have a tierlist/strategydex for Gen V? I know Shoddy Gen V is underway (and lord am I excited) but I think it's a little silly to leave all the people who got the Moonrune versions pre-ordered from the Moon hanging. And a lot of people do have Moonrune copies of B/W.
StrategyDex will be in its own restricted subforum (much like Policy Review) until the sets have been tested for front page release. Look for that sometime in October. Tiers... well, there's quite a discussion going on about that if you look into the Policy Review forum =)
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