Be Unpopular or Die! PE Umbreon Dan wins!

Just noting that you shouldn't vote the gourmet sodas, since it's the option most people seem to want, and up to this point the best/most wanted item has won. I think it will change in the 4th round onwards due to increases in prize worth. Also from what I have gathered, it appears popular.

Up to you to judge if this was written honestly or just for pc++ (I need a new PC though but that's irrelevant)


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Just pointing out that the prize with the most support in the thread has not yet garnered the most votes, the fact that three people are publicly voting for soda doesn't mean that A. they are telling the truth or B. anyone else is.


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Unclesam, why would I lie about voting for soda, since that only makes my odds of living worse. And for those who are thinking of voting for soda now, probably only one other person can vote for it while still being safe, since there's always the chance of some guy voting for it without saying so.


Its 2015 somewhere
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okay, no one else vote for soda. It makes the risk too high that if another person votes for soda, we all die. Including the person who's thinking about voting for soda, yes, you.


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At the end of Round 3 the results are;

3 Tea and Biscotti - Fatecrashers, Umbreon Dan, UncleSam
3 Gourmet Sodas - Aura Guardian, kingofkongs, ssbbm
6 Smoked Salmon - Captain Bagman, Earthworm, Engineer Pikachu, shade, Orcinus Duo, Wild Eep
8 Unpopular Trophy - Ace Emerald, Agape, idiotfrommars, Lightwolf, Nightmare Jigglypuff, reyscarface, Snunch, Tonykantos

I was afraid this would happen. I guess the world is just too fucked up to handle the Unpopular Trophy, so 8 players have starved to death in Africa.

LonelyNess is currently the most unpopular person on Smogon, but he's not competing so forget I said anything.

That leaves 12 players. It'd be really cool if 6 of you voted for the same thing this round, would save me about 15 dollars.

Aura Guardian
Captain Bagman
Engineer Pikachu
Orcinus Duo
Umbreon Dan
Wild Eep

Round 4

Once again we get more expensive, and we get to the last of popular Gift Basket foods. Unless I run out of ideas.

Prize #1 Magic Cards

I never learned sleight of hand myself, but I hear you can do so many tricks with magic cards that they even have big tournaments for this sort of thing. Since there was a thriving thread in a forum, I figured a good prize would be 3 packs of whatever set I find at my grocery store.

Prize #2 Crackers and Spread

I know it doesn't look delicious (or like it would stay fresh if shipped overseas) but this party supply and gift basket delicacy will turn any dull baby shower into a jumping bar mitzvah. Actually what is pictured does look like shit but I have a better one in mind and it will keep, I know my fucking cheese.

Prize #3 Cheese and Sausage

And I love my fucking cheese. Want something that is classy, but less frog legs classy and more beer and cigars classy? Then you want Cheese and Sausage. This is basically the peanut butter and jelly of gift baskets, so I expect 6 players to take it.

Prize #4 Mystery Prize

Only for the truly daring, Prize #4 could be anything. It could be a gift certificate. It could be more food. It could even be a car!!!!!!! (my lawyer says I have to inform you that it's not a car) While Prize #4 is a mystery, it also has the highest dollar value. In my honest opinion it is the best prize so far, Unless you already have one which would be super awkward.

Deadline is in 48 hours. Get me those choices!
To elaborate: If this ups to 4 people, that leaves needing 5/8 remaining all voting one other thing , which assuming no coordination except that they know better than to vote Cheese and Sausage is 8!/(3!*5!) * 1/3 ^ 5 * 2/3 ^ 3 + 8!/(6!*2!) * 1/3^6 * 2/3 ^ 2 + 8!/(7!*1!) * 1/3^7 * 2/3 + 1/3^8 = 448/6561 + 112/6561 + 16/6561 + 1/6561 = 577/6561 = 8.79%. Yes, less than 10% survival chance if you vote with us in the best reasonable case scenario.
nobody wants magic cards, so voting that is a guarantee that you'll stay in the game... on the other hand, if you win, then you're stuck with a bunch of magic cards...

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