Be Unpopular or Die! PE Umbreon Dan wins!


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At the end of Round 1, the results are as follows;

11 Gardettos - Deapryl, Earthworm, Infinity.Cypher, kingofkongs, Lady Salamence, Metal Bagon, Nightmare Jigglypuff, Orcinus Duo, TalkingLion, Unclesam, zorbees
28 Crunch Bar - Blue_Tornado, Cereza, Classical, coolking49, Crux, Da Letter El, Darkpenguin67, Dogfish44, Dr. Eyepatch, evan, Flamestrike, Jalmont, little gk, Mastadi, NidokingKing, Pwnemon, Quagsires, Raseri, Rodan, smashlloyd20, Steven Snype, Tan, theangryscientist, Triangles, Veedrock, Vintage Books, Walrein, waterwarrior
10 Whoopee Cushion - Ace Emerald, Altair, Aura Guardian, ButteredToast, Captain Bagman, Engineer Pikachu, Fatecrashers, reyscarface, shade, YAYtears
13 Sushi Stickers - Agape, billymills, Eo Ut Mortus, HiipFire, idiotfrommars, Lightwolf, Noodlez, Rediamond, Snunch, ssbbm, Tonykantos, Umbreon Dan, Wild Eep

A whopping 29 players went for the Crunch Bar, causing a stampede that killed them all. However, not even they were as popular as the 121,098 smogonites that didn't vote at all, which includes Kharozz and Pernicious.

With the elimination of Crux, the most unpopular players are now Deapryl and idiotfrommars, who were so unpopular they didn't even sign up.

30 players were eliminated, for a 48% supermajority. Now with only the tactical minded players who chose the safe options, and the players with the balls to choose what was clearly the best option (Gardettos), the current player list is;

Ace Emerald
Aura Guardian
Captain Bagman
Engineer Pikachu
Eo Ut Mortus
Lady Salamence
Metal Bagon
Nightmare Jigglypuff
Orcinus Duo
Umbreon Dan
Wild Eep

Round 2

The minimum amount of players that could be eliminated in Round 1 was 16. But instead 31 of you knuckleheads got yourselves killed. Therefore we are moving on from the cheap stuff to decent things about a round sooner than expected. There will also be less "safe" options from now on, but then again how safe is a safe option now after they clearly worked in Round 1?

Prize #1 Coffee

Coffee is an old gift basket staple, probably because the introduction of this caffeinated beverage directly led to the Renaissance (in those days you could never be sure if your tea shipments were going to reach their destination or get thrown overboard). This Prize will come with one Starbucks coffee pack, as well as two smaller gourmet coffee samplers.

Prize #2 Movie Night

What better use this gift basket could there be then to curl up on the couch with a bag of popcorn (included), your girlfriend (not included), and the greatest Western ever filmed? I can't absolutely guarantee that this specific movie will stay at the bottom of the Best Buy bargain bin where I buried it, but if that's the case we can find another great classic for the same price.

Prize #3 Fancy Candies

You know that aisle at the grocery store with the fancy chocolates that you'd and you pass by it and you're all "that's probably good, but too indulgent, I wouldn't get those unless as a gift or a prize or something..." yeah well this prize includes an assortment of those chocolates and licorice.

Prize #4 Back Massage

Saving the best prize for last, this prize gives you a coupon for one back massage courtesy of me, vonFiedler. Now you'd have to be in the Olympia-Seattle Washington area to redeem it, but until you save up the flight money a care package of two scented candles and some massage lotion will keep you plenty busy. Also I would prefer it if you are a hot woman like in the picture. Just putting that out there.

Deadline is in 48 hours! Private message me your choice!
Darn, I was completely off. Should have went for the Gardettos...

It was fun anyway. Good luck to the rest of the contestants, and see you all next time (if there is a next time).

Off to get the Crunch bar on which I set my hopes.
So lets see...

This round got tad more complicated. We have 2 things you can consume again, but are much less obv the best(crunch bar beats both). Sure coffee is great, but most who like coffee might be picky when it comes to it. The sweets got nothing on the crunchbar. On the other hand we have the extremly safe looking massage option and the old classic option(which you obv vote for the free popcorn!). While the massage might not be worth much, on one hand it's e safe, on the other hand it's a great to annoy von after 50 years. I myself shall not risk the massage though, to easy to just get the sure win. I want to go home with some nice prizes so coffee orr movie here I come!


Is she still looking at the sunset, now long vanished?
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billymills if you are gonna correct me twice and not notice that I'm poking fun at you by calling it a supermajority, then you should learn the difference between a relative majority and a simple majority, both of which are covered in my dictionary. Plurality is fast becoming an obsolete word* at least where I live, probably because few and fewer entities still use the classic (and abritrary) majority rule, opting for a more tailored supermajority (which I understand Smogon uses to tier Pokemon). The 50% or greater stipulation in fact is a relatively recent addition to the word, being added at least 150 years after its earliest recording in 1552 (though I'm struggling to find when exactly this was changed, it was likely associated with 1700s democratic concepts of majority rule). The age of majority (the earliest definition that isn't obsolete) defies the notion of majority being simply over half, as if that were the case the age of majority in my country would be somewhere between 35-40. Combine all this with it being the commonly recorded antonym of minority, and it shouldn't be hard to see why in common vernacular majority is frequently used simply to mean "the greater number", which it meant in 1690.

*At least in this sense
Oh futter butter, what to pick what to pick.

Candy and movies are good options. However, Fates gif is quite persuasive. But then again I could use the massage IOU as trade bait in my fantasy baseball league to net a slugger...



Is she still looking at the sunset, now long vanished?
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Anything you can find didn't include google...

Oxford dictionary (the world's most trusted dictionary) says that your definition is of US origin as opposed to British, which makes sense given that most American elections involve 2 candidates. I'd say in light of that my guess of 1700s was pretty accurate.

Strictly speaking, majority should be used with countable nouns to mean ‘the greater number’, as in the majority of cases. Use with uncountable nouns to mean ‘the greatest part’, as in I spent the majority of the day reading, is not considered good standard English, although it is common in informal contexts.
Majority is only used incorrectly when it's referring to amounts, rather than things or people.

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