[Beginner] BI-WINNING Mafia - Game Over! SCFiI and Hydrattler Win!


Its 2015 somewhere
won the 2nd Smogon VGC Tournamentis a Past SPL Champion
kingofkongs then popped out of his grave, angry and wielding his scythe. "WOMAN!" The Grim reaper yelled, "GIVE ME BACK MY OPS" Yeti then said to him, "lol umad?" Not for long... and with one quick movement, kingofkongs cut off Yeti's head. She may not communicate in or outside the thread until she gives kingokongs his op back.


Its 2015 somewhere
won the 2nd Smogon VGC Tournamentis a Past SPL Champion
Walrein then comes climbs up the mountain and grabs kingofkongs' scythe. Hey mon, what you're doing with my scythe? this question was answered when Walrein cut out Metal Bagon's soul and replaced it with his

Walrein has been subbed in for Metal Bagon


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You all awaken from a restless night. The droning hum of war rings on at all hours of the day, trumpeting from mountain peak to mountain peak.

Mount Everest is especially noisy, probably because most of you decided to sneak out!!

Much to your relief, none of your friends have perished - looking around, it seems none of your enemies have either. Everyone made it through the first night, but from here on out, it seems obvious people won't be that lucky again.

However, simply because there are no bodies does not mean there are no missing folks.

Some dumb guy who won Worlds or something stumbles upon Mount Everest, crying for his lost love, iss, who apparently did not show up for the Town Everest Meeting!!!

Jirachi doesn't give a <snip> about his feelings, however, and kicks BlueCookies off the mountain, watching gleefully as Cerberus swiftly opens a whirlpool and swallows the champion whole.

Too bad he spent all his time practicing VGC and not enough getting into shape to fight off the small steel Pokemon =/

Some veterans of the Revenge of the SANDS conflict glance about, and soon notice Nightmare Jigglypuff is missing as well.

Lastly, nagging ghost Quagsires nags the hosts constantly about auramaster, who he can't find anywhere while trying to take stock of who all is in the game. Ditto tells him to shut up, and Steven Snype breaks a beer bottle over the Sires' head, but it doesn't change the fact auramaster is also missing in action!

Do not try to speak with: iss, Nightmare Jigglypuff, or auramaster until they return.

I will be sending results since lazy cohost kingoflickingdongs declined to show up!!!

It is now Day One. Lynches are valid. Day One will end 8/23 4PM PST, or when majority is reached and all Day Actions are in.

Remember to send those actions in and speak with other factions - maybe you can get on their good side and they'll help you lynch a mutual enemy, even if you're enemies as well!

PMs going out.


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Cereza is subbing in for Alina, by request.

All PMs are out once Cereza gets role PM etc. Get to lynching and sending actions!!

Additionally, we had 24/25 PMs last night. Overall, good job, but remember to GET ON IRC or at least regularly Smogon PM your faction. Active members on IRC can request you get subbed if they feel you are never on to talk with them.
Only missing one is still pretty darn good for a Beginner imo so good work team!!

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